Golf Shafts Explained: Should You Choose A Stiff Or Regular Shaft?

Golf Shafts Explained: Should You Choose A Stiff Or Regular Shaft?

If you’re like most golfers, you probably dream of being able to do two things:

  • Hit the ball further
  • Hit the ball straighter

And you’ve tried everything to make it happen.

You’ve had the lessons, adjusted your grip, changed your swing, bought any number of clubs to try to make that difference between birdies and pars, and buying more balls because you’ve lost so many in the trees.

One thing that often gets overlooked, especially when buying new golf clubs, is what type of golf shaft your club has.

For men’s clubs, there are two types of golf club shafts:

  • Stiff golf shafts
  • Regular (flex) golf shafts

There are other variations related to children’s and ladies’ golf clubs, but stiff and regular golf shafts are the most common.

But which should you choose? And why does it matter?

Stiff golf shafts vs flex golf shafts

Stiff golf shafts

As the name suggests, stiff golf shafts are more rigid (less flexible) and heavier than flex golf shafts.

Stiff shafts are the most common type of golf shaft used by male players and are the default shaft on many clubs.

Flex golf shafts

Flex (or regular) golf shafts, on the other hand, are lighter in weight and offer more flexibility when swung.

Flex golf shafts can provide some additional distance benefits to those players who can’t hit the ball as far naturally (because the flex in the shaft creates additional momentum and power on the swing).

Which golf shaft should you choose?

Choosing between a stiff and regular golf club shaft comes down to a few things, primarily your swing speed.

Golfers with a naturally faster swing speed will be better off choosing a stiff golf shaft.

It’s the same principle as using a lever to move a heavy object.

The stronger (or stiffer) the lever, the more effective it will be.

The stiffer shaft (coupled with the additional weight) will create power through the shot of a naturally longer hitter.

On the other hand, players with a slower swing speed (like those who focus less on distance and more on control) could benefit more from a regular or flex golf shaft.

These types of shafts naturally flex or bend during a swing.

This flex will artificially create extra power on the shot, allowing players to retain control without sacrificing too much power.

You probably won’t be able to hit it as long as high-speed hitters with a stiff shaft, but you’ll be more competitive.

Choosing your shaft type could also depend on the type of club you’re using

For example, drivers are designed to be swung at higher speeds (as they’re primarily meant for distance), whereas irons and wedges are designed more for control.

This means you’ll be more likely to swing quickly for shots using a driver and slower for iron shots (although you should still swing irons at your natural speed).

So, you might want to experiment with using a stiff shaft driver and trying irons and wedges with flex shafts.

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