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Club Review: Titleist TSR4 Golf Driver

Is low spin what you’re looking for? Take a look at the Titleist TSR4…

It borrows a lot from the TSR2 model, but the Titleist TSR4 golf driver carves its own space in the driver market thanks to features that separate it from other clubs in the TS series.

Adjustable spin control, along with the aerodynamic improvements that have made the TS series such a big deal, has seen Titleist christen the TSR4 “The Ultimate Low-Spin Driver”.

But is the Titleist TSR4 the right choice for your golf bag?

Let’s take a look…


Construction: Titleist TSR4 Driver - Clarkes Golf

The difference maker in the Titleist TSR4 is the adjustable spin control. This is accessed via two weight ports on the sole, at the front and back of the club head. 

For players wanting to reduce spin as much as possible, the front setting needs to be adjusted, while the back setting produces a more moderate touch.

But for all its changes, the TSR4 still features the improved swing speeds that has made the TS series a game-changer for so many golfers. Offering greater ball speeds and longer drives.


Titleist TSR 4 Driver - Clarkes Golf

The Titleist TSR4 follows the same visual trend as the TSR2 and TSR3, offering a minimalist crown design of pure glossy black, interrupted only by the TSI logo ball marker. It’s a premium-looking club, as are the other members of the TS series, and is sure to make you feel like a premium-level player on the course.

Side by side with the TSR3, there’s not much difference in the TSR4. With a closer look, the TSR4 head is marginally shorter, while the heel is slightly slimmer.

On the sole side, the TSR4 driver differs slightly thanks to the inclusion of the weight ports. But it matches the theme set out by the previous two clubs as closely as possible.


Performance Of The Titleist TSR4 Driver - Clarkes Golf

The TSR4 is another silent assassin in the TS line, featuring the quiet impact shared by other models. This is equalled by a light impact feel, which is unexpected considering the head doesn’t feel hollow at all.

The Multi-Plateau VFT technology makes a return here, offering the same kind of forgiveness we saw in the TSR2 driver. However, this club is still marketed towards more experienced, lower handicap players, while the TSR2 is a more widely-playable club.

On the spin side of things, Titleist was right on the money. The TSR4 produces low-spin monsters thanks to the adjustable spin control. Just be sure to strike the ball as centrally as possible to take full advantage - it’s nowhere near as visible if you catch the ball at the toe or heel.

Titleist TSR4 Golf Driver - Overall

Spin problems will become a thing of the past with the Titleist TSR4 golf driver - a club that’s capable of producing long drives with a seemingly light touch. Traditionalists might want to stay away from the adjustable spin control. But if you’re into using new golf technology, and want to look great doing it, the TSR4 is the driver for you.

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