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Club Review: Titleist TSR3 Golf Driver

A favourite among tour pros, is the Titleist TSR3 the driver you’ve been looking for?

Known for their playability and ingenuity, Titleist’s TS drivers and fairway woods are designed to give you the biggest chance at making the best shot of your life.

With improved aerodynamics over previous models, along with a fair few design tweaks, Titleist’s TS drivers have been enjoyed by golfers of various levels since their launch in 2018.

Another big hitter from Titleist’s TS series, the Titleist TSR3 golf driver looks like a short jump from the TSR2 at first glance, but offers enough subtle change to make a big difference on the course.

Let’s take a look…


Club Review: Titleist TSR3 Golf Driver

For the TSR3 driver, Titleist are heavily pushing the precision factor. Boasting new ‘Speed Ring Face Technology’, the club is built to help you strike the ball cleanly and effectively, even if you’re slightly off-center.

The TSR3’s performance tuned adjustability gives you the option to dial in where on the clubface you’d like the ball to experience the greatest connection and ball speed after take off.

It doesn’t cover the entire face - this club is still catered to players who strike the center consistently - but the minor adjustments could make a big difference to seasoned golfers who like total control over their shots.

It’s an interesting take and one that deviates from more traditional teachings. But experienced players who are in-tune with their swing could find it useful.


Club Review: Titleist TSR3 Golf Driver

The Titleist TSR3 maintains the classic and stylish appearance set out by the preceding TSR2 and other clubs in Titleist’s TS line.

In comparison to the TRS2, the TSR3 head is more compact, and the face is marginally shorter, but it’s barely noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

The minimalist appeal remains as well, with a glossy black finish on the crown, broken only by the TSR marker.

It’s a slick look that’ll make any golfer feel like a high-end player. 


Titleist TSR3 Golf Driver

Despite its obvious power, the TSR3 makes a much more controlled sound at impact than other drivers. So you won’t be distracting players on nearby holes when you give it everything you’ve got off the tee.

The aerodynamic improvements featured on the TSR2 make a return here, offering increased club and ball speed for a memorable drive.

The club isn’t as forgiving as it's predecessor, but still gives enough leeway to catch the ball cleanly, even if you’re more inclined to strike closer to the heel or the toe. But if you really want to feel how smooth this club can hit, a center shot is the only option.

Titleist TSR3 golf driver - Overall

Club Review: Titleist TSR3 Golf Driver

While the TSR2 was undoubtedly catered to players of all levels, the TSR3 falls firmly with the more experienced crowd, offering less forgiveness and a greater focus on accuracy.

But the delightful look and feel, along with the improved aerodynamics and remarkable striking make this an obvious choice. No wonder it’s so popular with the professionals.

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