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Club Review: Titleist TSR2 Golf Driver

Another entry in Titleist’s TS series is up for review… how does it compare?

Since launching in 2018, Titleist’s TS series has provided players with long, accurate shots off the tee.

Catered to all golfers, from casuals to seasoned pros, the original Titleist TS drivers were more forgiving than their predecessors thanks to a surprisingly high MOI.

This led to crisp, clean drives and, most importantly, raised the influence of Titleist golf drivers among less experienced players.

Now, the Titleist TSR2 is here to offer even more benefits, including improved aerodynamics, to keep Titleist drivers at the top of every golfer’s wish list.

Let’s take a look…


Titleist TSR2

The build of the Titleist TSR2 will certainly draw some eyes, thanks to the focus on crafting a clubhead more forgiving than most.

The new clubhead shape uses elite performance dynamics to increase ball speed and cut through the air, resulting in ease of motion throughout your swing and a distinct launch.

The TSR2 delivers surprisingly stable drives wherever you strike the ball on the clubface, utilizing golf driver technology Titleist refer to as ‘Multi-Plateau VFT Design.’

The club boasts nearly constant CT across the entire hitting surface. This model lets you get away with a less-than-stellar driving technique for amazing forgiveness and consistent contact.

Beyond the clubhead, the shaft is available in various options to suit your preference in flex, weight and torque. Be sure to pick the right shaft for you.


Club Review: Titleist TSR2 Golf Driver

As with most Titleist releases, the TSR2 golf driver is an aesthetic delight.

The club screams “premium quality” from almost any angle, but also presents a more minimalist appearance on the clubhead compared to other recent releases, for a more refined approach.

While the head is undoubtedly on the bigger side, the altered shape manages to give a sleek look and feel, playing a balancing act between two elements golf enthusiasts could be looking for.


Titleist TSR2 Golf Driver

Titleist isn’t known for making empty claims about the improved technology of their clubs - the trend continues with the Titleist TSR2.

The company’s comments about the driver’s improvements are absolutely true. Comparing the variables to previous TS models, it’s clear to see the Titleist TSR2 is doing something different, and something very right.

According to testing, the TSR2 outperforms the closest model by almost 3mph in the ball speed department, leading to a drive that’s ten yards longer.

This is quite remarkable, considering the size of the club head at first glance. But it goes to show the time and effort taken to make subtle yet drastic alterations doesn’t go to waste.

Titleist TSR2 driver - Overall

Club Review: Titleist TSR2 Golf Driver

For casual golfers who’ve been avoiding Titleist golf drivers due to their difficulty, the Titleist TSR2 golf driver might be the answer to your prayers.

Stylish and lightweight with power and optimised speed to spare, you’ll struggle to find a driver that inspires more total player confidence than the Titleist TSR2.

Have your Titleist TSR2 driver professionally fitted at Clarkes Golf

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If you’re interested in purchasing a Titleist TSR2 golf driver and want to truly get to grips with what it can do, consider having your club fitted properly at Clarkes Golf.

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