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Club Review: Ping i59 Golf Irons

Looking to invest in new golf irons? How about the Ping i59 irons?

Ping has been manufacturing golf clubs for many years and is renowned for making consistent, user-friendly irons for all abilities.

After noticing a gap in their iron family – between the top-level Blueprint irons and the i210, i500, G425 and G710 – they decided to create the i59 for elite golfers.

The Ping i59 has become one of the brand’s most exciting launches, replacing the iBlade which was part of Ping’s iron line-up for the best part of 5 years (longer than any other modern iron!). The forged i59 irons are designed to provide consistent impact with a solid feel and penetrating ball flight.

Here the team at Clarkes’ Golf Centre review the Ping i59 irons, to help you decide whether or not they’re right for you.



The Ping i59 has a forged 1025 carbon steel body combined with a 17-4 stainless steel face. On the inside, it has an aerospace-grade aluminium core, which weighs a third less than stainless steel. This weight can be redistributed to improve ball flight and offer a tighter dispersion.

The ‘AlumiCore’ saves 30g of weight, allowing for tungsten toe and heel weights to be added. This increases the MOI (moment of inertia) for added forgiveness.

In comparison with the iBlade, the i59 irons have four extra grooves on each face, to maximise shot-to-shot consistency. The shorter white bottom grooves help to frame the ball – narrowing your focus on the strike.



In terms of appearance, we can’t fault the Ping i59 irons! Available in a brushed steel finish, these compact player irons boast a simple yet elegant look at address.

Unlike other golf irons, the i59 has minimalistic branding, with a small “i59” positioned near the toe and “Forged” near the heel.


Sound and feel

When you strike a urethane-covered golf ball with the Ping i59, you get a solid yet crisp feel. Admittedly, it doesn’t feel as soft as the iBlade, but it’s springier.

Irons with steel shafts often produce hasher vibrations than those with graphite shafts, which can put a lot of strain on your joints. However, a Cushin insert can be fitted inside the steel shaft of the i59 irons to make it more comfortable.

As opposed to the iBlade which produces a soft thud, the i59 gives a slightly louder, ‘pingy’ sound.



With the i59, Ping has created a faster feeling and more playable iron that suits the needs of the better player.

For an iron of its compact nature with a hollow body, the Ping i59 is surprisingly forgiving and delivers a controlled ball flight. It offers more consistency across the face too, allowing for accurate approach shots.


Are Ping i59 golf irons worth the investment?

The Ping i59 irons are premium golf clubs with a premium price tag.

They join the Blueprint, i210, i500, G425 and G710 to complete the family of Ping irons – acting as the middle-ground option.

Typically aimed at better players seeking more forgiveness from a compact clubhead, these high-priced (and high-quality) golf irons come with built-in technology that’s sure to enhance your performance on the golf course.

The i59 irons make a fantastic addition to your golf bag – if you’ve got the budget, of course. If you haven’t, don’t panic! There is a wide range of Ping irons on the market at various price points. What’s more, we’re always offering special offers and discounted prices here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre.


Purchase Ping i59 irons

If you can afford to splurge a little extra on golf equipment, order Ping i59 irons today.

Available for £1259.00, we guarantee competitive prices across our entire range of products and promise to price match if you find the same irons for less elsewhere.

If you have any questions about the Ping i59 golf irons, or you’d like to arrange a custom-fitting before you buy new clubs, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01744 885 294, and we’ll happily point you in the right direction.