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Club Review: Callaway Rogue ST Driver

If you want a golf club that looks and feels like a premium driver, the Callaway Rogue ST ticks the right boxes.

Callaway has worked extremely hard to produce a driver that enables golfers to hit more fairways and lose fewer golf balls off the tee.

The Rogue is highly regarded as the more forgiving sibling of the Epic drivers. And offering tighter shot dispersion without sacrificing distance, Callaway would argue that it’s the fastest, most stable driver they’ve created to date.

But what exactly is it that makes the Callaway Rogue ST driver so special?

Here Clarkes’ Golf Centre explain everything you need to know.


The technology behind the Rogue ST

Callaway has been manufacturing and fine-tuning golf clubs for many years. It’s these marginal gains that have allowed them to produce the Rogue ST line-up.

Something that stands out about these Callaway clubs is that they combine four pieces of core technology:

  • Tungsten Speed Cartridge
  • Jailbreak Speed Frame
  • I. Speed Tuned Face
  • Unibody Construction

The Tungsten Speed Cartridge is the copper-coloured part you can see on the sole of the club. It places 26g low and deep into the driver’s head to increase the speed in off-centre hits and offers higher MOI (Moment of Inertia), which ultimately makes it more forgiving.

Jailbreak Speed Frame provides extra stability for more speed across the face. The latest models boast a stiffer design at the bottom and more flexibility towards the top – improving the overall flex and energy transfer when dealing with the stresses of impacting a golf ball at more than 100mph.

The Rogue ST driver has an A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) designed Flash Face that optimises speed, launch and spin – allowing players to launch the ball faster and with greater ease.

Callaway’s popular drivers feature a new Unibody construction. The frame is made of titanium whilst the crown and sole are patented Triaxial Carbon. Such materials offer weight savings which can be distributed elsewhere in the clubhead to increase forgiveness, launch and a slight draw bias.


You may have noticed that there is a selection of Callaway Rogue ST drivers available to choose from. Let’s find out more about them and their specifications.


Callaway Rogue ST Max driver

The original Callaway Rogue ST Max driver is the most forgiving model in the Rogue family and delivers on distance and forgiveness.

The ST Max model boasts a matte black finish on the crown. The Tungsten Speed Cartridge in the rear adds a pop of colour, and a pinstripe on the trailing edge of the crown adds to the driver’s beautiful round shape.

Unlike the Epic, which produced a ‘ting’ sound at impact, the Rogue ST Max offers a more pleasant woodsier baritone sound. In other words, it’s much quieter than most other drivers on the market.

Though suitable for all handicappers, the ST Max driver is best for:

  • Stability on off-centre hits
  • Consistency
  • Hitting a draw
  • Instilling confidence


Callaway Rogue ST Max LS driver

The LS (lower spin) model in the Rogue ST range is a must-have for mid-to-low handicap players. It provides impressive forgiveness and high MOI in a lower spinning head.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max LS driver has a 460cc head with an average footprint that’s rounded and almost symmetrical – adding to its appeal. It also consists of unique artificially-intelligent designed patterns on the back of the clubface to optimise ball speed.

The Rogue ST Max LS driver delivers outstanding consistency for high spin players – allowing them to benefit from less spin without forfeiting ball speed or distance on mis-hits.

Like the ST Max, the low spinning model is matte black and uses yellow/gold touches to highlight the technology pieces (e.g. Jailbreak Speed Frame and Tungsten Speed Cartridge). It looks playable and inviting to hit too.

Callaway Rogue ST Max D driver

As the most draw-biased model in the Callaway Rogue family, the ST Max D driver is a fantastic option for slicers!

As with all the other drivers in this range, the Callaway Rogue ST Max D driver has a matte black crown with an exposed window of graphite weave and a gold pinstripe on the trailing edge. However, the Max D head is slightly longer and offers more offset.

The Rogue ST Max D driver incorporates a 20g Tungsten Speed Cartridge – making it 6g lighter than the standard Max driver and, therefore, easier to swing. On top of this, Callaway has made it more upright, which is a classic slice-busting set-up.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max D driver delivers:

  • Low spin
  • Strong trajectory
  • Excellent workability
  • Maximum forgiveness on off-centre hits


Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS driver

The Triple Diamond LS driver completes the Callaway Rogue ST line-up and is a low spin option for better players.

While the Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS driver has the same matte-black finish, and carbon fibre fade crown with a thin band of gold at the trailing edge, one of the most noticeable differences is its size.

The Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS driver offers a neutral-to-fade bias in a compact 450cc head with a tour-proven Triple Diamond shape. The innovative Tungsten Speed Cartridge places 20g low and deep within the driver’s head, helping to increase the speed on off-centre strikes and provide extra forgiveness through higher MOI.

Many golfers enjoy the whisper-quiet impact of the Rogue ST Max Triple Diamond LS driver, as it creates a powerful feel – allowing them to strike the ball with confidence.


Want to know more?

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