Best Titleist Driver

Best Titleist Driver

Looking to invest in a golf driver?

The driver is typically the longest club you’ll have in your golf bag with the largest club head. It’s designed to hit the ball long and straight from the tee, usually on par-4s and par-5s which require multiple shots to reach the green.

Due to its dimensions, the driver is often considered the most difficult club to hit with accuracy (not to mention the most expensive). Which is why you want to be confident that you choose the best one.

Here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre, we understand that golfers have different swing styles and speeds, yet our Titleist drivers offer something to suit every type of golfer. 

What makes Titleist golf drivers so special?

Titleist is one of the most respected golf club manufacturers out there.

As a brand, they ensure every skill level and swing type is catered for and offer some of the best drivers for men, women and kids, PGA Tour players, mid-handicappers and beginners.

Before any product is stamped with the Titleist script and put into play, it receives extensive machine and player testing to ensure it meets performance specifications and quality standards. This means, when you invest in a Titleist driver, you can trust that it’s manufactured to an exceptional quality and will be loaded with features that help enhance your game. 

Which Titleist drivers are the best?

There are several options to choose from within the Titleist driver line-up, many of which share similar names. This can make it a little confusing – but the team at Clarkes’ Golf Centre is always on hand to assist, and will gladly advise you on the most suitable driver for your game and budget.

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the best Titleist drivers available in 2022:

  • TSi1
  • TSi2
  • TSi3
  • TSi4 

TSi 1 – the best lightweight Titleist driver

The TSi1 driver is designed to be as light and forgiving as possible, which makes it perfect for players with slower swing speeds, beginners or seniors.

Similar to the TS1 released in 2019, it’s a brilliant slice-buster and will effectively help you increase club and ball speed with control off the tee.

With its high launch and mid spin and repositioned centre of gravity (CG), the TSi1 is the most draw-biased Titleist driver

TSi2 – the best driver for a wide range of golfers

Titleist drivers are popular amongst golfers of all handicap levels – ranging from amateurs to PGA Tour players and everyone in between. The TSi2 is certainly no exception.

Designed to be easy to hit high and long, numerous new technologies has made the TSi2 one of the most forgiving drivers on the market.

The clubhead has been reshaped to reduce drag, allowing players to generate more speed. And it allows you to swing smoothly whilst delivering a powerful ball flight. 

TSi3 – the best driver for slightly better ball strikers

Typically played on Tour, the Titleist TSi3 driver is more compact and offers less spin. They also boast a pear-shaped profile and rounded toe, which produces a quieter sound – similar to a carbon fibre driver like the TaylorMade Stealth range.

The TSi3 has a Sure-Fit CG Track positioned around the rear skirt, allowing you to alter your shot shape and launch characteristics.

Something else to bear in mind about this Titleist driver is that it offers varied adjustability and extra forgiveness. 

TSi4 – the best driver for players seeking an ultra-low spinning model

Engineered to be a high-speed, ultra-low spin golf driver, the TSi4 is a fantastic option for the better ball striker.

This workable driver offers the lowest (and most forward) CG in the TSi family and delivers less dynamic loft and spin at impact.

Thanks to a higher moment of inertia (MOI) than the TS4, this driver produces a higher launch and trajectory. It can also help you to achieve more distance on the green. 

Invest in a Titleist golf driver today

Whether you’re looking to swap your dusty old driver for a newer model or you’re just starting in the sport, you’ll find all of the Titleist drivers mentioned above (and more) on our website, here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre.

Be sure to browse the range in full and click through to find out more about the product’s specifications.

If you have any questions about the Titleist drivers we stock or you need an expert opinion, you’re more than welcome to contact us. Either give us a call on 01744 419 914, email or come and visit us in-store.

Before you buy a new driver (or any other club for that matter), we always recommend having a custom fitting. This will ensure you make the right selection and get the most out of it.

So, what are you waiting for?