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Best Golf Umbrellas

A premium golf umbrella can keep you and your clubs dry and protected from the elements when the weather takes a turn or if you carry on playing over winter.

They can also be extremely useful over the summer, protecting you from excessive UV exposure and preventing sunburn.

Choosing a golf umbrella is a much better investment than trying to make do with a regular umbrella.

Golf umbrellas are lighter, more durable and are designed to protect again rain, wind and the sun, while the design means there’s less chance of your umbrella inverting in extreme wind.

There are plenty of options to choose from when looking for a golf umbrella.

Here’s our top 10 list of the best golf umbrellas we recommend if you’re looking to make the investment.


Clarke’s Golf Top 10 picks for golf umbrellas

1 – Cobra Double Canopy Golf Umbrella


2 – Ping Single Canopy Golf Umbrella


3 – Callaway Shield 64” Golf Umbrella


4 – Under Armour 68” Double Canopy Umbrella


5 – TaylorMade Double Canopy Golf Umbrella


6 – Galvin Green Tod Golf Umbrella


7 – Callaway 64 Inch UV Golf Umbrella


8 – Callaway 60” Double Canopy Golf Umbrella


9 – Callaway Classic Double Canopy Golf Umbrella


10 – Powakaddy Automatic Double Canopy Golf Umbrella


 Cobra Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

The double canopy construction on this umbrella offers excellent protection from the rain to keep you and your clubs dry while waiting for your next shot and allowing air to pass through the fabric.

This helps reduce the risks of your umbrella inverting in high winds and ensures you stay protected at all times.

It’s lightweight, so you’ll have no problem carrying it around the course, while the foam-padded handle ensures it’s comfortable and easy to hold.

And with a one-touch automatic opening mechanism, you’ll be undercover in no time if the heavens open.


Ping Single Canopy Golf Umbrella

Constructed with Ping’s latest waterproof technology, this single-canopy golf umbrella is strong and sturdy, so you’ll have no worries about it inverting or buckling if it gets caught in the wind.

At 62” there’s plenty of space to hide from the rain, while it can also double as protection for your golf bag while taking your next shot.

It has an ergonomic handle that feels comfortable in the hand, so you’ll have no problems carrying it, and with an easy-release feature, you’ll be quickly protected when the rain comes.


Callaway Shield 64” Golf Umbrella

With 64” of double canopy cover, you’ll have no problem playing in the rain with this Callaway Shield golf umbrella keeping you protected.

The robust frame, coupled with the canopy technology means wind can pass through, so you stay protected from the elements with no worries the frame will buckle or the canopy will invert, leaving you exposed.

The fibreglass shaft means you’ll have a lightweight golf umbrella that’s easy to carry around 18 holes, while the ergonomic, non-slip handle means the Callaway Shield is comfortable in the hand.

It doesn’t come with automatic opening, so you’ll need to do that manually, but the mechanism is smooth, so it’ll be up and protecting you in no time.


Under Armour 68” Double Canopy Umbrella

Featuring Under Armour’s Storm1 technology, this golf umbrella will easily repel any water to keep you dry and your gear protected in any weather.

The double canopy construction provides additional rain protection, and at 68”, you’ve got plenty of coverage to get under in wet weather.

And the dual-action opening mechanism makes this golf umbrella much easier to open, close and store without taking up too much room.

There’s no risk of the handle slipping out of your hand, with the textured rubber handle providing a comfortable, secure grip.


TaylorMade Double Canopy 68” Golf Umbrella

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable golf umbrella that can protect you regardless of the weather, then this TaylorMade model is exactly what you’re looking for.

With a shaft made from aircraft aluminium coupled with an ergonomic handle, you’ll forget you’re even holding this umbrella while it’s protecting you.

The double canopy has an elastic venting system to protect you from strong winds with no concerns about the canopy buckling. At the same time, the spring-loaded tip keeps the canopy tight to provide extra protection.


Galvin Green Tod Golf Umbrella

This golf umbrella isn’t just rain and wind-proof. It’s stormproof. The extra strong frame and double-layered cover are as protective and robust as it gets, so you’ll be completely protected from whatever the weather throws at you.

The technology built into the canopy also acts as a pressure release vent, meaning it won’t buckle and invert when the wind picks up.

Perhaps the best feature of this Galvin Green umbrella is that the fully waterproof material actively beads drops of water and removes them from the canopy’s surface. This stops the canopy from becoming saturated in heavy rain and keeps you dryer for longer.


Callaway 64” UV Golf Umbrella

You might think that a golf umbrella simply protects you from the rain and wind, but it can also be helpful when golfing in the summer and you need extra protection from the Sun’s rays.

That’s where this Callaway UV umbrella comes in.

Along with the double canopy design, sturdy frame and lightweight shaft, it features a protective UV coating over the canopy, which acts as a barrier against the Sun and can stop you from getting burned on your way around the course.


Callaway 60” Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

If you’re looking for a lightweight golf umbrella that’s easy to carry and store in your buggy or trolley when not in use, you can’t go wrong with this Callaway golf umbrella.

At 60”, it provides plenty of coverage to protect you from the elements while remaining solid and sturdy when winds pick up.

And with a lightweight shaft and ergonomic handle, you’ll have no issues if you have to carry it around for longer periods.


Callaway Classic Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

They often say you can’t beat a classic, and that’s certainly true with this Callaway Classic golf umbrella.

You will get tour-level protection with this umbrella thanks to the frame and built-in tension cables that help keep the canopy stable in any conditions.

Constructed with internal mesh panelling, you get the perfect blend of stability and ventilation that lets wind pass through the canopy (while keeping you protected) while also improving the wind resistance and reducing the risk of the canopy inverting.


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