5 New Year’s Resolutions for Golfers

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Golfers

The new year period is a time of reflection for everyone, but it’s also a time to look forward to what the future holds. 

As golfers, many of us set our clubs aside for a short while over the new year, which allows us to consider how we would like our game to improve over the next 12 months and commit ourselves to making these improvements part of our New Year’s resolutions.

Whether you’ve been bitterly disappointed in your game over the previous year, or you’d simply like to continue making positive strides towards lower scores, take the new year as the motivation you need to make the changes you’ve wanted to see for a while.

With this in mind, here are 5 New Year’s resolutions for golfers. 

1 - Improve your short game

Statistically, golfers spend more time on the green than any other part of the golf course, meaning they struggle with putting more than any other part of their game on the whole. This is understandable, given how intricate and difficult to judge every putt can be. Plus, with greens of varying shapes, sizes, layouts, and inclines, no two putts are ever the same.

That’s why it pays to spend as much time on the practice green as possible and spend more time on as many different greens as possible. With enough exploration and rehearsal, the most dedicated golfers can gain an instinctive understanding of greens on sight, or with some quick observations. There’s a reason you always see some golfer walking around the hole before finally lining up their shot, right?

With enough time, patience, and focus on this specific aspect of your game, you’ll gradually gain a better feel for a variety of putts and will be able to tackle any awkward greens the world can throw at you. 

But maybe it’s the tools you’re using that aren’t up to scratch?

If your game could benefit from trying something new, you could invest in a new golf putter to see if it helps you shave a few precious strokes off your game.

2 - Reduce slicing

Slicing has quickly become the bane of countless golfers the world over but is especially annoying off the tee and when using fairway woods. Recovering from a sliced drive or wood shot can be a nightmare, especially if the space surrounding you is populated with forestation or, even worse, water hazards.

But while slicing is one of the most prevalent mistakes in the game, it’s also one that is quickly fixable with the right drills and, potentially, the right clubs at your disposal. 

The best way to identify precisely why you’re slicing your drives (there are various possibilities) is to work with a friend or golf professional who can observe your swing, to see if they can spot the flaw that’s sending your ball flying to the right. Chances are it’s something to do with your swing path or grip that's causing your club head to fall out of alignment, but a second set of eyes will help you find the cause quickly.

Or, if you think a change of club would help fix the issues, several forgiving drivers are designed to offer maximum forgiveness thanks to a finely tuned head shape, and minimise the effect of slices, helping bring your ball back into alignment - the choice is yours.

3 - Invest in new golf clubs

For those of us who’ve been using the same golf clubs for several years, it can be hard to let go of something that has served us so well for so long. But the time eventually comes when the clubs become more of a pain to our game than a pleasure to use.

If you’ve been thinking about grabbing some new golf clubs, 2024 is the perfect opportunity to add some new tools to your kit, or replace your set entirely with a newer, shinier, more technologically advanced one.

Much like other sports, technology is making huge improvements in the golf game all the time, with new clubs from big brands featuring impressive new additions that could be your difference between a poor game and a vastly more enjoyable one.

4 - Hit longer drives

As much as people say distance and ball speed aren’t everything when it comes to drives, it’s undeniably satisfying to see our shots launch off the tee with a powerful, accurate strike and have the ball reach impressive lengths. But ineffective technique and outdated drivers can often prevent our golf balls from reaching maximum distance.

Spending a little extra time at the driving range is a great way to put new driving techniques into effect without having them impact your game scores, so you can see what works best for you in a less pressured setting. 

Rather than actively trying to inject more power into the shot, try to nail your technique first - this is where much of your natural power comes from. Then, once you’re content you can maintain solid form throughout your swing, you can experiment with things like faster swing speeds. Beyond this, you could try investing in a new golf driver that’s built to offer impeccable distance every time.

5 - Play more golf

This is an obvious one, but it’s true what they say - practice makes perfect. 

If you want to improve your golf game in 2024 and enjoy the game more, you need to spend as much time on the course as possible. 

That means no more putting off games because you don’t feel like it, or not applying the effort in when the weather isn’t exactly what you’d hoped for. The only way you’ll get better is by putting the hours in, so your game can prosper.

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