4 Common Mistakes When Chipping Uphill: And How To Fix Them

4 Common Mistakes When Chipping Uphill: And How To Fix Them

Our pros get asked a lot by club golfers, particularly new players, how to deal with chip shots on an uphill lie.

They’re frustrated that they can’t get the ball to reach the green, that the ball will skew away at an awkward angle or that they tend to make more contact with the turf than the ball.

While there’s no way of knowing the exact problem without seeing your swing, we usually see many of the same issues arise when helping players with this problem.

So, here are the most common mistakes players make when chipping on an uphill lie and what you can do to fix them.

  • Keeping a narrow stance
  • Putting too much weight on the back foot
  • Not taking the slope into account when choosing their club
  • Standing upright on the slope

Mistake 1- Keeping a narrow stance

When chipping on a flat lie, you’d usually stand in a narrower stance than a regular shot.

This is because a narrower stance helps you get more weight onto your front foot during your swing, helping you swing through the ball and generate the loft you need.

But on an uphill lie, particularly a steep lie, a narrow stance can put you off balance and cause more movement during the swing, causing you to miss hit the shot.

The solution: When chipping uphill, widen your stance slightly to give you more balance.

Mistake 2 - Putting too much weight on the back foot

Many players feel that more weight on their backfoot when chipping uphill will help with additional loft.

And it can.

But it can also knock you off balance or stop you from properly hitting through the ball.

The solution - You still need to transfer your weight through your leading foot on your swing to ensure you strike through the ball.

Mistake 3 - Not taking the slope angle into account when choosing the club

This is a problem we see more in new players.

When hitting a chip shot, their instinct is to pick a high loft club to get the height they need to make the ball land softly.

But they don’t realise the slope will naturally increase the loft of a club because it puts the ball at a higher angle. This usually results in a shot that gets plenty of height but fails to go far enough.

The solution – If you’re chipping uphill, choose a club with a lower loft than you’d usually take. The slope will compensate for the loss of loft from the club, and you’ll get the distance you need.

Mistake 4 - Standing upright on the slope

When you hit a golf shot on a flat surface, your shoulders will naturally be parallel to the ground with your spine at a 45-degree angle.

This means you hit through the ball rather than striking at a shallower angle, which can cause you to dig the club face into the ground.

But many players don’t replicate this position when hitting up a slope. They’ll stand straight up, creating a narrower angle to the ground with their spine.

This results in a forward motion that can’t get through the ball and usually send the club into the ground instead.

The solution – When chipping uphill, compensate for the slope and ensure your shoulders remain parallel to the ground with a 45-degree angle created from the floor and your spine.

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