How to dress for the golf course in the summer

How to dress for the golf course in the summer

How to dress for the golf course in the summer

Golf is back! Let’s hope it’s for good this time…

Lockdown meant that we were unable to get some much-needed practice in at the golf course and to socialise with fellow golfers face-to-face, but it wasn’t all bad. Thanks to the vast range of training aids on the market today, we were able to work on our form from the comfort and safety of our homes.

And it’s fair to say that we’ve never had more time to sort out our golfing wardrobe either – throwing out any garments or golf shoes that no longer fit or get worn, making space for new stylish staples.

But with summer just around the corner, you need to make sure that you’re fully prepared to play in hot and humid conditions – adhering to the dress code without melting in the heat. That’s why we thought we’d share some top tips on how you should dress for the course when the sun is shining.

What to wear for golf in the summertime

  • Top

Although the most obvious option would be a loose-fitting t-shirt – something that wicks sweat effectively and doesn’t cling to you – most golf clubs have a dress code, so a collar is a must.

The good news is, there are plenty of short-sleeved polo shirt options for both male and female golfers these days. Women can even opt for a sleeveless shirt with a collar if they prefer.

While cotton is a popular choice (and comfy on the skin), it’s not ideal for humid days on the golf course. Sweat can make it feel heavy and stick to you, revealing embarrassing patches. Instead, look out for golf shirts that are specifically labelled as ‘moisture-wicking’ and, for ultimate comfort, choose a stretchy fabric that will enable you to move without restriction.

  • Bottoms

When it comes to trousers, a pair of slim-fit chinos that kiss the top of your golf shoes should suffice. We have a fantastic collection of women’s and men’s golf trousers available here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre, so you needn’t worry about looking smart on the links!

Golf shorts are also a great option for the summer but not all courses allow them. So, before you dig out your favourite pair, call ahead and check that they are permitted by the course’s dress code.

As well as trousers and shorts, ladies have the option to wear capris (trousers that come to just below the knee) or a skort which is essentially a skirt but with built-in undershorts. Much cooler than a pair of full-length trousers, golf skorts promote better airflow and will keep golfers cool all day long when playing in the scorching sunshine.

  • Feet

While nothing is stopping you from playing golf in regular trainers, a decent pair of men’s golf shoes or ladies golf shoes will benefit your game, the course and your feet.

Many players are unsure as to whether they should go for spiked or spikeless golf shoes for the summer months. But our best advice is to consider the terrain and conditions you’ll be playing. When the ground is dry, you won’t need spikes to prevent you from slipping, so a snug-fitting pair of spikeless shoes is favourable.

As for colours, you can’t go wrong with a neutral pair – preferably white. Light coloured golf shoes will absorb and hold less heat than darker options and allow your feet to breathe, especially if they are made from leather. Plus, white shoes go with almost any trendy outfit combo!

  • Head

Though not a requirement in any golf club’s dress code, a hat is certainly something that you should consider wearing for a round of golf at this time of year.

Most ladies opt to wear a cap as the hole in the back can hold a ponytail. However, there are several visors that shade the face and don’t mess up your hair too much.

Yes, a hat will add to your look and keep hair off your face but, more importantly, it will protect your scalp against the sun’s rays. Ideally, you want a wide-brimmed hat that can offer more protection for your face and ears. Oh, and don’t forget to apply sun cream before and during your round!

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what you should wear for a round of golf in the summer. So, if there’s anything your collection is missing, or something you’d like to add, be sure to shop at Clarkes’ Golf Centre. From men’s golf shoes to ladies skorts and hats, we have it all.

8 March 2021