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How To Choose The Right Club When You’re On The Course

Hitting accurate shots and performing well under pressure will help you to lower your score on the golf course. But so will knowing which golf club to use and when to use it.

The maximum number of clubs a golfer can carry in their golf bag is 14 – usually a driver, several fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and a putter.

However, golf clubs are designed for different situations and come in useful for different shots, and there are several factors you need to consider, including distance to the green, hazards, weather conditions and your strengths and weaknesses.

Luckily, the team at Clarkes’ Golf Centre is here to guide and advise you in choosing the right club for your next shot.

Let’s start by taking a look at the different types of golf clubs and their uses.


When to use a specific golf club

·        Driver

The driver is a club you will use in the early rounds of a golf game. You’ll use it only once on each hole to “drive” the ball off the tee.


These clubs are designed to improve the distance and trajectory of your shots.


·        Fairway Wood

Fairway woods are numbered by their loft – with lower models offering longer distances.


Generally, these clubs are used to hit off a good lie in the rough. However, a 3-wood is best used for long mid-fairway shots off a clean lie, whereas a 5-wood is better for shorter shots on the fairway.


·        Irons

If you want more control over the trajectory of your shots, or to get the ball closer to the green, then take out your golf irons.


Long irons (1,2,3,4) give you the most distance and send shots long and low.

Mid irons (5,6,7) are the ones used from the centre of the fairway or short rough. They’re easier to hit and offer a fair amount of distance.

Short irons (8,9) are the go-to option for golfers when standing close to the hole, as they are great for chipping.


·        Wedges

When it comes to hitting from the sand bunker or any other tricky areas on the golf course, a wedge is ideal.


There are several types of wedges available – including pitching wedges that are best for shots from 50 to 120 yards, gap wedges that are better for shorter shots, sand wedges that work well on bunkers or shallow pits filled with sand, and lob wedges that allow you to achieve maximum height from 35 to 90 yards.


·        Hybrids

Hybrids help you to achieve more distance than irons whilst also enabling you to control the ball flight better than a fairway wood.


These clubs can be used to replace the long irons in your golf bag – providing more forgiveness. They’re also useful for getting your ball out of a sand trap, like a wedge.


·        Putters

The putter is mostly used on the green to tap the ball into the hole.


To ensure maximum success on the course, you want to choose a putter that fits you and your putting style.


The best golf clubs for making different shots

Teeing off

After securing their tee, most golfers opt to use their driver when teeing off.

The driver is the longest club you’ll have in your bag and the one you’ll use to (hopefully) get the ball into the middle of the fairway. Although it’s the best for distance, the driver is also the most difficult to master. Therefore, if you’re a beginner, you may prefer to use a larger club, such as a hybrid or 3-wood.


Approach shots

Approach shots are one of the most basic – and important – shots you can take, making up 40% of your score!

When you’re standing within 100 yards of the hole, reach into your bag and pull out one of your golf irons. Choosing a short iron (8 or 9) is ideal when you’re close to the hole. These allow you to get the ball up into the air and onto the green, rather than long irons which provide more distance.


Trouble shots

Even if you’re an experienced golfer, you’re bound to find yourself in some tricky situations from time to time. For example, the ball might land on the slopes or a bare lie (a dry piece of land), which can damage your golf clubs. Or you may need to hit the ball out of thick roughs or in extreme weather conditions.

Where your ball lands will dictate which golf club you should use. But as a general rule of thumb, we’d always recommend using a hybrid on trouble shots. These are the most versatile of all and can really help you to hit the ball in tight spots on the golf course.


Need an expert opinion?

If you’re unsure which golf clubs you should be using out on the course, or you can’t decide which ones to add to your golf bag – don’t panic! The experts at Clarkes’ Golf Centre are always on hand to help.

Although we are more than happy to offer recommendations on the most suitable clubs to use during a game, we always advise that you arrange a custom fitting. This will allow us to assess which part of your game requires the most improvement and advise on the best clubs for your needs.

As well as opting for custom-fitted clubs, it’s also crucial that you’re putting the practice in – either at our 27-bay driving range or by booking a lesson with one of our experienced coaches.