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5 Reasons To Take Up Golf In The Spring

Spring marks a special time on the calendar of many golfers.

With (most of) Winter’s cold, wet weather behind us, warmer, lighter mornings and nights mean there’s more time to hit the course.

And it can be the perfect time of the year for people who’ve been thinking about picking up a set of clubs for the first time to take up the game.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1 - Mental health benefits

2 - More hours of daylight

3 - The chance to improve over the year

4 - The Masters

5 - Course conditions

1 - Mental health benefits

We all know that getting outside in the fresh air and exercising is good for your mental health, and if you’ve been couped up during Winter to avoid the cold weather, Spring golf can offer some relief.

The enjoyable temperatures along with the flowering courses and welcome sunshine make heading out for that first round in spring a pleasant experience that’s good for body and mind.

Players can also dress appropriately for the warmer weather, without being bogged down by Winter golf clothing.

But it’s more than just pleasant. Spending time among nature in the Spring carries mental health benefits.

Some research has shown that golf can have a positive effects on a person’s confidence and self-esteem, so with the weather getting warmer, now is the perfect time to take up the sport and experience some of those benefits.

2 - More hours of daylight

Shorter days and darker nights is one of the main reasons people play less golf in the Winter, simply because they have less time to play a round after work and instead are fighting for tee times at the weekend.

With Spring comes more day light, which means precious extra hours to get in a few holes with friends after work without feeling like you’re racing the sunset.

Pus, because the weather (usually) is much warmer come Spring, it can make those evenings strolling the fairways much more enjoyable.

3 - The chance to improve over the year

Lets’ face it, only hardcore golfers keep playing in Winter. For most of us it’s a leisure activity.

Which means when Spring comes around, everyone is a little rusty and needs a few rounds to get back in the swing of things.

By taking up golf in Spring you’ll be on more of an equal footing with everyone else and can improve throughout the year - rather than waiting until Summer to start and it being Autumn before swinging a club feels good again.

4 - The Masters

Arguably the most talked about golf event of the year, The Masters is the first Major tournament on the golf calendar and is held the first week of April.

Golf courses everywhere are always abuzz with Masters fever at this time of year and it’s a great time to take up the game and get swept up in the excitement.

Better still, the golf course will be filled with players, both amateur and pro, who will be able to offer advice and may even join you for a few helpful rounds as you learn the ropes.

It’s definitely a time to enjoy the more sociable aspects of the game.

5 - Course conditions

During the first weeks of Spring, golf courses are still recovering from the harsh conditions and temperatures presented by the previous season.

However, once the sun comes out and things begin to warm up again, you’ll see a drastic change in course conditions.

This is a combined effort between the springtime weather and golf course maintenance managers who work hard to give golfers the best playing conditions possible.

When Spring really kicks in, fairways are far more forgiving, offering much more bounce to balls that may have stagnated in Winter.

But the biggest difference can be felt on the greens, where fully-formed yet finely-trimmed grass offers excellent roll for putts.

Practice your springtime swing at Clarkes Golf

Golf courses aren’t the only places that get a boost during Spring - driving ranges are a great place to be as well.

At Clarkes Golf, we’re home to a superb 27-bay driving range that comes to life in the Spring, so you can practice golf swing in beautiful conditions before heading out to the course.

Or you can visit our sensational golf shop, home to a plethora of impressive clubs, balls, accessories and more all from your favourite golf brands.

Pay us a visit at Mill Lane, Rainford, St Helens, WA11 8LN.