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Review Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Stand Bag 

Review by Daniel Buckingham - Monday February 11th 2019

When I was asked to review this product, it strangely excited me more than I thought it would, as I’m reviewing a golf bag, which shouldn’t improve your game, it doesn’t give you an extra 10 yards or make you hole that nasty 6 footer on the last to win your match - it’s a bag how can it?.....


Well before I get into reviewing the new 2019 Titleist Players 4 Plus Golf Stand Bag, let me tell you about the current golf bag/s I use.


I normally carry over winter and then use my Motocaddy S7 Electric Golf Trolley throughout the summer/drier times with a larger cart bag on it.

I have predominantly used a Taylormade stand bag which is 3 years old and has seen better days and will probably be retired after this winter, I have also recently treated myself to a pxg stand bag to match my irons (yes I’m one of those matchy matchy golfers!) as I would like to try and carry a little more this summer in an attempt to get fitter.


So onto the 2019 Titleist players 4 plus stadry bag, well before I opened the box I did a little bit of reading on Titleist website:


Waterproof due to its stadry construction and design

Aluminium legs hinged within the base

Self balancing strap (I’ve no idea what this means!)

Dual density foam straps

Full length apparel pocket

6 pockets

Weighs just under 2kg



Removing the new 2019 model from the box I was pleasantly surprised at how light it feels in comparison to my Taylormade bag and significantly lighter than my Pxg stand bag (which has carbon fibre legs as opposed to aluminium to save weight but it still feels heavy in comparison).

It’s also my first proper waterproof bag, which being honest, having one has never really interested me as I’ve never like the look of them for some reason, but seeing this close up, it’s certainly growing on me and looks so much nicer than the pictures on the website and previous models.


Whilst going through the bag removing the packaging, I love the design of the zip pullers with the elasticated part that then clips to an attachment on the bag to keep the zip fully closed - it’s hard to describe but hopefully the photo below will show what I mean.


There are ample enough pockets (all of which are waterproof due to the stadry design, including one for a gps/rangefinder - my bushnell fits nicely in here, however I am paranoid about It falling out and losing it so I think I’ll keep it attached to the towel clip in its case, there’s also a mesh pocket inside a soft lined pocket - this is ideal for storing car keys/mobile phone in the bag - and with it being waterproof they aren’t going to get wet and damaged.



This Titleist players 4 plus stadry bag is now starting to grow on me a lot now!


The initial “setup” of the straps was a little more complicated then my previous experiences with bags (there are some instructions included about the straps as you can use it as a single strap too), i think this was due to the self balancing strap as there is a greater range of adjustability in the straps to ensure that you get the bag set up to where you want this to rest against your back when carrying, but once I worked out what strap adjusted what, it was done within a few minutes and wow these dual density foam straps are so comfy and being self balancing the bag stays where I want it on my back (when adding/removing weight I find bags to move where it rests but this seemed to “self level” itself- it certainly doesn’t feel like I’m carrying my clubs on my shoulders.


So after using this for a few rounds, what do I think?

Titleist have made an absolutely outstanding golf bag in the 2019 players 4 plus stadry bag.  I was unfortunate to be caught in a heavy downpour whilst using the 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag, I found myself admiring the rain running down the bag and then finding the clubs being bone dry inside - this certainly puts your mind at ease knowing your grips are going to be dry when pulling them out of the bag for your next shot.




The 4 way divider with full length separation is great, fitting all 14 clubs in there without an issue, this also ensured that the clubs were easily removable from the bag- another great bonus. No more removing multiple clubs as the grips have stuck together!! 


So referring back to my opening statement about how can a bag improve your game, well I think it has and does. The bag is so light and comfortable allowing me to fully concentrate on my golf game. I feel physically in better condition to smack that drive down the 18th and being mentally more aware to concentrate on what you hope is your final putt of the round.  I can only put this down to the weight and design of the bag by Titleist.


Will I be using this? Yes, the Titleist players 4 plus stadry is definitely my winter bag for the foreseeable seasons and my Taylormade one has now been retired, however I think I’ll be using my Pxg when the nicer weather arrives - but I won’t hesitate to switch back to the Titleist if I find the Pxg bag less comfortable or if it's forecast to rain!


These bags also come in a range of different colours, I’m very grateful to have been using the navy, black and red bag (which is actually a limited edition colour - along with the black, sleet and red which I think is my personal favourite of all the colour options available).

So if your looking for a new carry bag for 2019, I’d highly recommend looking at the 4 plus stadry bag from Titleist