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Sun Mountain

Looking for the most innovative golf equipment to take the pressure, allowing you to focus solely on the game? Then lighten your load with Sun Mountain.

Pioneers in golfing equipment that works harder for you – Sun Mountain have been around since 1981 creating some of the most advanced golfing attire on the market. From offering increased support when walking from course to course to protecting your most prized golf possessions with their signature material and unique design, Sun Mountain golf equipment is the luxury brand perfect for the dedicated golfer.

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Sun Mountain – a bit about the brand

Established in 1981, Sun Mountain have built up their reputation as a truly forward-thinking golf brand being the name behind many “firsts” in the world of golfing equipment. American-based, Sun Mountain were not only the first to introduce lightweight golf bags to the market, but then with the introductory of the built-in stand the company transformed the way people golf forever.

The first brand to also introduce golf bags with double straps in the 1990s and then the first to bring out waterproof golf bags in 2007, those who value the highest-quality materials opt for Sun Mountain for their trusted reputation for sturdy and practical equipment.

Thanks to many years of invention, Sun Mountain are now the biggest American maker of golf bags, with their extensive range including golf carry bags, cart bags, golf travel bags and more.

Sun Mountain Golf Equipment

What do you value most in your golfing equipment? If its convenience that you’re looking for, then going for Sun Mountain is a no-brainer. If its comfort, then we couldn’t recommend this brand more! Each of their golf bags have been designed to distribute weight evenly so that you can walk from one hole to the next in comfort and style, with a number of pockets and dividers to ensure you can fit everything you need with ease.

Incorporating unrivalled padding for comfort when wearing, with adjustable elements to fit any body shape or size – Sun Mountain golf bags are ideal for all golfers. And, what’s more – each of their bags have been created using the strongest and most resilient materials in order to keep your golf kit safe and dry against all elements. 

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect golf carry bag for those rainy days or need something that offers additional stability – Sun Mountain is bound to have the perfect solution.

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Are you on the hunt for a brand-new golf bag? Then look no further than Sun Mountain golf equipment offering style and substance, at affordable prices! Here at Clarkes Golf, we offer a collection of Sun Mountain’s finest golf bags, including some of their newest releases – so if you’re looking for the most impressive kit to show off on the course, Sun Mountain is the brand for you.

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