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Ready to take your game to the next level?

It’s not necessarily about how far you can hit shots. Golf is about who reaches the hole in the least number of strokes.

Although it’s not specifically associated with golf, GPS has found a niche in the sport and is certainly a tool that can help you to be a better golfer. Having a GPS device, like a Garmin Watch, that gives you a bird’s eye view of the course can help you to be more strategic with your shots.

Lucky for you, Clarkes Golf Centre is a leading superstore in Rainford and we are delighted to stock products from Garmin – bringing you the best for your game.

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Garmin – a bit about the brand

Delivering innovative GPS technology across diverse markets, such as automotive, marine, aviation, sports and fitness is Garmin’s speciality. They are world leaders in navigation and committed to making superior products for their customers.

All Garmin Golf products are built to last. They keep design, manufacturing, marketing and warehouse processes in-house – meaning they have more control over timelines, quality and service.

Garmin is not just a brand that’s sought after for its compelling designs, quality and value for money. It incorporates some of the most innovative features which can enhance the user’s experience and, in golf, this means you can play your best and speed up the game without skimping on accuracy or precision.

Garmin GPS

Playing at your best is a whole lot easier – and enjoyable – when you know your game and the course. And Garmin Golf brings you even more ways to improve your performance.

There are plenty of wonderful devices on the market today, ranging from handheld GPS to smartphone apps and wearables. Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we provide only the best Garmin GPS devices and guarantee competitive pricing across the board.

The great thing about a Garmin GPS watch, like the ones below, is that it can work as a regular timepiece – so no excuses for showing up late for a round of golf or work! Unlike a handheld device, you can view the information by simply looking at your wrist – rather than having to reach for a separate device in your pocket.

You’ll notice that each Garmin GPS watch has a stylish design and looks great both on and off the course, rain or shine. They are preloaded with more than 41,000 courses, keep score and provide distances to the green, as well as hazards.

Contact Clarkes Golf Centre

Want to know more about Garmin Golf? Feel free to get in touch with the team, here at Clarkes Golf. We are always on hand to help and will be more than happy to answer your questions and offer our expertise.

Either give us a call on 01744 885 294, email [email protected] or fill in the online enquiry form. You’re also welcome to visit our superstore and check out our extensive range of products up close or chat with a member of our team.

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