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Updating your golfing wardrobe doesn’t necessarily need to be difficult or expensive, not when we provide a complete range of Ladies Callaway Shorts and skorts. Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we provide golf clothing to suit every season, allowing you to play a round of golf all year round.

The right pair of golf shorts will allow you to get more out of your game of golf during the summer, ensuring that you remain cool and dry throughout.

Callaway – The Brand

The shorts and skorts from the Callaway brand are becoming increasingly popular and it’s no surprise with them offering so much flexibility! We supply Callaway clothing to satisfy some of the most stylish needs and wants, ensuring that you find the comfort that you need.

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Callaway Ladies Shorts

Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we supply a complete range of Callaway Ladies Shorts which are designed to be practical and comfortable. In addition to this, the Callaway Ladies Shorts are made from breathable materials which enables you to stay cool all day long.

As seasonal-wear, the Ladies Callaway Shorts are designed to enhance the performance of any individual, allowing you to play for longer.

Within our collection of Ladies Callaway Shorts, you’ll discover the Callaway Ladies Tech Stretch Golf Shorts which are available in a choice of colours. The 4-way Opti-stretch and self-wicking nature of the Ladies Callaway Shorts will prevent moisture building up on the skin.

These shorts are designed to protect you against the suns UV rays, making your game of golf even more enjoyable.

You can expect to find the Callaway ladies Pull On City Golf Shorts which are considered to be stylish yet comfortable, allowing you to look and feel the part but also play to an exceptional level. These Callaway Ladies Shorts incorporate 2 scoop front pockets and 2 slash back pockets which makes it easier for you to carry the scorecard with you whilst out on the golf course.

Callaway Ladies Skorts

The Callaway Ladies Golf Skorts provide a feminine twist on golfing attire, combining fashion with performance. The main benefit of the Callaway Ladies Skorts is that they offer the same level of productivity as the Callaway Shorts but provide the appearance of a skirt.

Our Callaway Ladies Skorts are designed to be flattering yet athletic, making them a must-have for the summer season.

You’ll find the Callaway Ladies Skorts in an assortment of colours, so be sure to choose one that will complement the rest of your golfing attire. No matter which of the ladies skorts you choose from Clarkes Golf, they are each designed to offer a tailored fit, ensuring that you play comfortably.

The Callaway Ladies All Day Golf Skort is just one of the Callaway Ladies Skorts that we provide at Clarkes Golf Centre. It’s suitable for daily wear and although it incorporates a minimalistic design, it’s a practical alternative to a pair of golf trousers.

Check out our extensive range of skorts and shorts here today!

Ladies Callaway Shorts

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