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Powakaddy FX7 Trolley

Unfortunately, the budget of most amateur and recreational golfers won’t stretch as far as a professional caddie – as wonderful as that would be. But here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we supply the next best thing – the Powakaddy FX7 golf trolley.

The Powakaddy FX7 trolley is the most intelligent of its kind and has been re-engineered – making it better, lighter and stronger than ever before. It now has a brand new chassis that is seamlessly integrated with improved technology and provides golfers with the ultimate electric trolley experience.

Unlike the previous version, the FX7 is more compact and comes with a stunning new 3.5 inch full-colour widescreen display – raising the bar in terms of brightness and contrast.

Depending on the course you’re playing, an optional self-sensing Electronic Braking System will help to slow the trolley down on steep inclines. For greater downhill control, the Powakaddy FX7 features a new Hall Effect Transducer (HET) which will help to prevent the trolley from rolling away, tipping over, becoming damaged or causing serious injury.

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The Powakaddy FX7 has all the features for a great electric trolley, including:

1-Click Folding system

Designed to fold 20% smaller than the previous Powakaddy Freeway model, the Powakaddy FX7 is a convenient choice. It has the simplest folding system in the entire FX collection and makes it easier for you to fit in the boot of your car – transporting it to golfing events all over the country!

Smartphone/GPS device USB charging port

The Powakaddy FX7 golf trolley comes with a USB port – perfect for charging up your mobile or GPS device whilst on the go. This feature allows you to transport your clubs, and any other essential kit inside your bag, with ease and will provide you with the peace of mind that your devices will never run out of charge when you’re out on the course.

Powakaddy Key-lock™ bag system

An electric trolley, like the Powakaddy FX7, allows you to bring more gear with you and takes the burden of a heavy bag. But the great thing about the Powakaddy trolley is that it incorporates the Key-lock bag system that stops your bag from twisting or falling off during transit.

Other performance features:

Although the Powakaddy FX7 trolley is designed to make it easier for you to transport your golf bag, it comes packed with technological innovations. Take the built-in calorie counter, for instance, that calculates how many calories you burn per round.

There is also a distance measurement function that allows you to accurately measure the distance of drives and displays the total mileage of the trolley, and a competition mode that removes the features that are banned in the competitive environment.

Contact Clarkes Golf Centre

If you would like to know more about the Powakaddy FX7 trolley, feel free to get in touch. We are always on hand and happy to answer your questions. You can either call 01744 885 294 or drop us an email at [email protected]. Alternatively, jump in your car and head down to our superstore – just off the Rainford bypass – and check out our fantastic range of Powakaddy trolleys.

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