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The Titleist Hybrid is a high scoring club that we are proud to supply, here at Clarkes Golf Centre! Renowned for high precision and accuracy, the Titleist Hybrid is an ideal investment to make for any golfer, regardless of how much experience you have to offer!

When it comes to improving your game performance, you can rest assured that the Titleist Hybrid is designed to maximise only the most desirable properties of speed, distance and power. Generally, the Titleist Hybrid is tailored towards golfers with high handicaps, could you benefit from one?

If you’re looking for a Hybrid that can significantly improve ball speeds, you cannot go wrong with the Titleist Hybrid! This Hybrid is perfect for golfers looking to send the ball further and faster it can also allow you to hit more shots on target and in time, work towards improving your handicap.

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The low spin of the Titleist Hybrid allows you to launch higher and what’s more; this Hybrid is one of the most forgiving of its calibre!

Titleist H1 Hybrid.

For golfers looking for a Hybrid to suit longer shots, you cannot beat the Titleist H1 Hybrid that we have in stock. As a carefully engineered club, the H1 offers a seamless blend to provide a professional finish, like no other.

Incorporating superior technology, the Titleist H1 Hybrid is one of the most reliable products that we supply. Choosing the Titleist H1 Hybrid will provide a softer landing, every time you strike the ball, allowing you to hit more accurately.

As a high performing Hybrid, the Titleist H1 Hybrid is extremely adjustable and has a distinct profile- making it perfect for those wanting to hit consistently.

Titleist T MB 2 Iron.

Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we supply a wide range of clubs to replace long irons, including the Titleist T MB 2 Iron. The Titleist T MB 2 Iron incorporates a modern design that’s guaranteed to carry long distances.

Our Titleist T MB 2 Iron is a suitable alternative to any long iron and has a muscle-back shape that makes it so distinctive. As well as this, the Titleist iron integrates a hollow body with a tungsten clubface which makes it perfect for higher ball speeds.

Maximising advanced technology to provide a professional look and feel, we’re confident that the Titleist T MB 2 Iron will suit your game of play- so be sure to check it out below!

For more information about the Titleist T MB 2 Iron or the Titleist H1 Hybrid, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts, here at Clarkes Golf Centre! Simply call us on 01744 885294 or email us at [email protected] today!

Titleist Hybrids

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