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New for 2021, Ping has launched their fantastic G425 line-up – comprising of drivers, fairway woods, irons and, some of the best-looking hybrids ever seen! But how does the Ping G425 hybrid compare with the G410 hybrids from last season?

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Here we explain.

Unlike many other leading manufacturers, Ping only releases new golf clubs once every two years. No surprise it’s a highly anticipated event on the golfing calendar. Although improving on the successful G410 range was always going to require something special, Ping has exceeded themselves with the G425 hybrids.

As a company that continually pushes the boundaries, and never rests on their laurels, they have made some significant improvements with the Ping G425 hybrids and it’s looking like this could be their best range yet.

A noticeable difference between the new hybrid and the precedent model is that it benefits from Face Wrap design. This is where a thin, yet strong, piece of maraging steel is wrapped around into the sole and crown. The result of this is 100% face flex at impact with an increase of 1.5mph ball speed – even on off-centre strikes.

What’s more, Ping has introduced Spinsistency, meaning mishits go further. For instance, when shots are struck low on the face, they often launch low and rise due to a high spin rate. Thanks to the new and improved design of the Ping G425 hybrid, the loft on the bottom part of the face is essentially lowered down, allowing shots to leave with less spin and more ball speed.

The combination of Face Wrap technology and Spinsistency delivers greater distance and spin predictability, allowing your approach shots to reach, and hold, greens. The beauty of this is that it will make a huge difference to amateur golfers and tour players alike.

Advantages of the Ping G425 hybrids:

  • Face Wrap technology provides explosive ball speeds
  • A tungsten back weight increases MOI (moment of inertia) offering more forgiveness
  • A new 3-dot alignment feature provides a visual cue to address the ball
  • New ovoid shape maximises ball speed and keeps the spin numbers consistent
  • Arccos smart grip technology helps you to lower your handicap as it acts as a caddy and coach, automatically recording and analysing every shot when used with the Arccos caddie app

Arrange a custom fitting

Here at Clarkes’ Golf, we offer several custom options, allowing you to choose the very best for your game – optimising both ball flight and performance and improving your consistency on the fairway, tee and rough.

Available in numerous lofts for proper gapping throughout your golf bag, it’s well worth having a custom fitting for the Ping G425 hybrid so you can be confident that you’re receiving maximum value for money.

For more information about our custom fittings, or the Ping G425 hybrid in general, get in touch today. The team is always on hand and would love to hear from you. Either call 01744 885 294 or fill in the online enquiry form for a swift response.

Ping G425 Hybrids

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