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Ping Hybrid Clubs

Ping takes an innovative approach to any golf equipment that they design and manufacture, making them leading suppliers of the Hybrids. Despite being priced so affordably, there is no compromise made to the style or quality of the Ping Hybrids that we supply, here at Clarkes Golf Centre.

Our Ping Hybrids are designed to enhance any golfer’s performance, so whether you’re an amateur golfer or a golfing professional, we are confident that you could benefit from our stylish Hybrids today!

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Ping Hybrids.

If you’re looking for golf clubs that deliver greater distance, you cannot beat the Ping Hybrids that we supply. These are designed to provide extra forgiveness meaning that they are easy to use (no matter how new to golf you are!)

Our Ping Hybrids are an integral piece of equipment for any golfer who’s trying to achieve their full potential on the golfing green. Your performance can come down to the equipment that you use- the Ping G400 Crossover and Hybrids will impact upon your performance, allowing you to send shots higher, further and longer.

Ping Crossovers.

The Ping Crossover compromises precision and control with other desirable qualities, like speed and forgiveness. Any Ping Crossover is designed to be versatile, allowing you to hit from the tee or the fairway.

In terms of control, the Ping Crossover has more to offer than the Hybrid. We highly recommend the Ping Crossover for golfer’s who require extra stability when hitting the ball. The innovative technology is also perfect for improving the sound and feel of every hit, essentially making your game of golf more enjoyable.

A Ping Crossover offers high ball speeds and long distances like the Hybrids and a similar level of spin to irons.

Ping G400 Crossovers.

Within our collection of golf Hybrids, you’ll notice that we supply the Ping G400 Crossover. We supply the Crossover in several finishes, including steel and graphite, so make sure that you choose the most suitable one to enhance your golfing performance.

Any Ping G400 Crossover that we supply is renowned for its increased forgiveness and versatility. Choosing the Ping G400 Crossover will deliver less friction and allow you to hit shots higher and straighter.

If you’re not sure which Ping Hybrid you need, feel free to discuss your requirements in detail with our team of experts today; they will be more than willing to help.

Choose a Ping G400 Crossover from Clarkes Golf Centre today! 

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