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Wilson Staff Wedges

Looking for Wilson Staff wedges to replace your existing ones? Let Clarkes Golf Centre help you to prepare for your upcoming round of golf!

Wilson Staff brings precision and versatility to any game of golf. They have earned worldwide legitimacy in the golfing industry and make golf more enjoyable.

We supply a wide range of golf clubs, and within this collection are the Wilson Staff wedges. As with all products from the Wilson Staff brand, wedges are manufactured from the best materials and made to last, providing you with exceptional value for your money.

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The Wilson Staff wedge is designed to be versatile and is often the preferred option of tour professionals. It’s used to hit shots from the bunker or the rough, but can also be used on the fairway, making it an excellent choice for your short game.

Wilson Staff Tour PMP Golf Wedge

Here at Clarkes, we supply the Wilson FG tour PMP wedge to suit the gameplay of all golfers.

It’s not only designed to perform exceptionally well in all conditions but also looks sleek and stylish, allowing you to sport the latest trends. At Clarkes, we supply the Wilson wedges in a tour frosted silver finish - guaranteeing to suit the needs of the style conscious golfer.

The Wilson Staff wedge incorporates many features and benefits, and these include:

  • Precision Milled Performance Technology

The FG tour PMP wedge is milled to suit the requirements of all golfers. The grooves are widened using the precision milled technology, achieving maximum spin and consistency for all shots.

  • Laser Etched Micro Spin Lines

There are laser etched micro spin lines in between the grooves, a unique feature of the Wilson wedges. The etched spin lines provide greater spin on shots and allow it to slice through grass, water and sand, achieving greater distances.

  • High Ball Launch

Our Wilson Staff FG tour wedge incorporates a shaft with an active tip section which increases the loft of the club. This also delivers a higher ball launch with added stopping power and accuracy.

Find out more about the Wilson wedges today by calling us on 01744 885 294.

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