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Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we supply everything you need to play to your full potential whilst out on the golf course, ranging from golfing apparel to golf wedges. Acquiring the right equipment for your game of golf will not only make it more enjoyable for you but will also improve your performance.

Do you need Taylormade golf wedges?

Taylormade wedges are the most versatile wedges in their calibre. They are designed to improve spin and accuracy.

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The wedges we supply within this collection are an essential addition to any golfers bag as they can help in all conditions. Using a Taylormade wedge will allow you to hit awkward shots from the bunker or rough with confidence. It offers more control and precision for every shot.

If you’re an experienced golfer looking to add to your current wedges, we can bet you know what you’re looking for, but why not check out our extensive range of Taylormade wedges for sale below?

Taylormade Milled Grind Golf Wedges

The Taylormade wedges use advanced surface milling to provide consistent results and lower scores. These are designed to suit all courses and golfers swing - providing you with the precision you need to achieve your best.

We supply the milled grind golf wedges in three variations:

  • Antique Bronze Golf Wedge

When it comes to adding style to your wedges, the Taylormade wedge is a must-have. Available in a bronze finish, it adds a unique look and feel to the club. It also incorporates ZTP groves which allow for maximum spin.

  • Copper Golf Wedge

Renowned for consistency, the copper wedge is favoured by the style-conscious golfer. It delivers ‘Greenside Shotmaking’ and features full-face scoring lines. As well as this, the copper golf wedge provides enhanced heel and toe relief and is best used on chips and pitches.

  • Satin Chrome Golf Wedge

The satin chrome Taylormade wedge is precisely crafted and renowned for accuracy. Visually, the wedge looks professional and offers sharp edges and a clean look, so if you’re looking for a wedge that is easy to use and looks great, why not consider the satin chrome wedge from Taylormade?

For more information about the Taylormade wedges for sale at Clarkes Golf Centre, call us on 01744 885 294 today.

Taylormade Wedges

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