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Perfectly blending distance with forgiveness, the Ping G425 irons are a must-have in any mid-handicap golfers bag. Have you got yours?

Some people would say that previous G irons were ‘boxy’, but there have been several tweaks made to the shape of the G425 iron – and it’s certainly for the better.

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The aim of G425 Ping irons is more distance, height and forgiveness – not forgetting a better look, feel and sound than ever before. Ping say that their latest irons for 2021 are unparalleled by anything else already on the market. And we would have to agree.

Here’s why…

G425 irons have a smaller clubhead than the G410, and a shorter heel to toe length, but offer a similar sole and bounce. Arguably the best thing about their sleek, compact profile is that they make it easier on the eye behind the ball.

Ping has worked hard to make the G425 even more forgiving. In fact, it sets a new standard in forgiveness for an iron of its size! They simply applied more extreme weighting in the heel and toe which gives it 3% more MOI (moment of inertia) than the G410. Add this to the 8% gain of the G410 over the G400, and it’s clear to see just how far Ping irons have progressed over time.

Whilst the variable thickness face is nothing new in the world of golf club manufacturing, the G425’s variable face thickness pattern is remarkable. It has been reshaped to reflect that of a driver – allowing players to get more face flex and ball speed, no matter where the face is struck. This is something to be admired about the new irons as it allows shots to land softly and hold greens.

As well as this, there has been a significant improvement in the sound and feel of the G425 irons. You’ll notice that there is a new cavity badge on the back of the club with an aluminium cover. This covers much more of the clubface than previous irons and gives it a sophisticated look. Beneath this, there is an efficient ABS and vibration-dampening tape to provide a more consistent feel and reduce vibrations at impact.

Ready to invest in Ping G425 irons?

Great! The team here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre are delighted to stock the latest collection of irons from Ping, and strive to provide the most competitive prices possible. Feel free to take a closer look at the G425 Ping irons – available in graphite and steel – and identify the most suitable one for you. Once you’re happy with your selection and have had a custom fitting, click ‘add to basket’ and proceed to the checkout. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re spoilt for choice or would like to know more about the importance of being custom-fitted, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily share our expertise and advise you on the best Ping G425 irons for your needs.

Ping G425 Irons

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