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Ping Golf Irons

When it comes to choosing Ping irons, you’re sure to find something suitable from our extensive range of irons, here at Clarkes Golf Centre. As a world-renowned brand, Ping is one of the most recognisable golfing brands that we supply. The Ping irons take an innovative approach and are designed to suit high-quality industry standards.

The Ping irons are an integral part of any golfer’s equipment, enhancing your overall performance on the golf course. We provide a comprehensive range of the Ping irons, so you needn’t worry about choosing irons to accommodate your exact needs and wants!

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Ping Golf Irons.

Whether you’re looking for Ping golf irons to upgrade your current ones or for your first set of clubs, Clarkes Golf Centre has just the solution.

Our Ping irons are revolutionary; making it inevitable for you to find a high level of consistency for every shot. The Ping golf irons are designed to be forgiving, making it easier for you to hit the ball precisely, essentially sending it further and higher.

In terms of quality, you won’t get much better than the Ping golf irons that we have in stock at Clarkes Golf Centre. Our golf irons are part of a best-selling collection that is bound to achieve more distance and accuracy.

Ping G400 Irons.

The Ping G400 irons that we supply at Clarkes Golf Centre incorporate a well-though-out design. Providing extra forgiveness, the Ping G400 irons can suit all golfing abilities, allowing you to hit the ball with ease.

Our Ping G400 irons are designed to provide tour level distance, making it easier for you to achieve a higher launch. What’s more, these irons make the most of face-flexing technology and are considered to be game-changing.

Within our range of Ping golf irons, you can expect to find the G400 irons in an assortment of materials, ranging from steel and graphite. The Ping G400 irons that are made from steel offer a streamlined appearance, not forgetting a powerful sound and feel.

The performance of the steel irons is smooth which is perfect for golfers looking to achieve high trajectory.

Ping G400 Crossover Irons.

Choosing a crossover iron will provide you with countless benefits, including improved ball speeds and higher heights, not forgetting straighter flights and the ease of alignment.

Our crossover irons are designed to suit all handicap levels, making sure that you look and feel the part on the golf course! As with any of the Ping golf irons, the Ping G400 is available in a selection of options, ranging from dexterity, loft and shaft. We provide irons to suit the requirements of right and left-handed golfers and allow you to choose the most appropriate loft degree for your game of golf.

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