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Cobra Irons

Cobra is a leading manufacturer of golf irons. As a golfing brand, Cobra is not afraid to take chances, they design each of the Cobra irons to incorporate a stand out design, setting themselves apart from any other golfing equipment.

The Cobra irons are perfect for golfers who are looking to improve their overall performance. With any of the Cobra irons that we supply at Clarkes Golf Centre, we make it easier for you to show style from the moment you step out onto the golf course, can you afford not to choose golf irons that are designed to offer style and professionalism?

Dedicated to quality and performance, you can rest assured that the Cobra irons are suitable for all abilities, so whether you’re a beginner or an advanced golfer, we’re confident that you’ll find something suitable from our extensive range of products!

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Cobra golf irons maximise functionality and incorporate technological advances, ultimately making it easier for you to improve your game of golf. Our Cobra golf irons push boundaries, hence why it’s impeccable that you carefully select your golf irons.

Cobra Baffler Irons.

We supply the Cobra golf irons which provide beginners with extra forgiveness. If you’re new to the sport, our Cobra golf irons are guaranteed to make it easier for you to play a game of golf.

Offering a higher launch and improving the distance of every shot, you cannot go wrong with the Cobra Baffler irons that we supply at Clarkes Golf Centre. These irons are designed to make your game of golf more enjoyable, without any complications.

What’s more, the Cobra Baffler irons are designed to improve the sound of every shot, providing a crisp sound, like no other.

Instead of playing with long irons that don’t suit your golf style, why not consider one of the Cobra Baffler irons that we have in stock?

Cobra Baffler XL Irons.

From our collection of Cobra irons, you’ll come across the Cobra Baffler irons that incorporate an oversized face, these are the XL irons. To improve your game of golf, the Baffler XL irons are perfect for long, high shots and are designed to make it easier for you to hit every shot.

The lower profile of the XL irons can reduce the turf drag, allowing you to perform consistently on the golf course. Each of the Cobra Baffler irons incorporates a radical appearance and makes sure that the ball is airborne quickly.

Choosing the right irons is of utmost importance; if you need any assistance with this, the team at Clarkes Golf Centre are always on hand to help you to choose the best irons, regardless of your handicap level.

Check out our range of Cobra irons here today!

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