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Motocaddy Umbrella

A golf umbrella is an essential piece of equipment to carry with you around the golf course - ensuring you’re fully prepared to play in all weathers. And here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we supply umbrellas from some of the most renowned golfing brands to accommodate the requirements of every golfer.

Golf umbrellas are designed to protect you against the perils of winter - be it rain, hail, sleet or wind. They are made to meet high-quality standards and ensure you stay sheltered throughout your game of golf.

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Motocaddy golf umbrellas

Motocaddy doesn’t only bring the best in build quality, style, reliability and affordability for their electric trolleys but for their golf umbrellas too.

The Motocaddy golf umbrella is a must-have for golfers of all ages and abilities - making your game of golf easier, even in adverse weather conditions.

Motocaddy Clearview umbrella

Here at Clarkes, we are proud to supply the excellent Clearview Motocaddy umbrella - a double canopy umbrella guaranteed to provide the protection golfers need when making their way across the golf course.

The Motocaddy Clearview umbrella is carefully engineered and meticulously tested to provide you with the peace of mind that it’s up to standard.

Features of the Motocaddy Clearview umbrella:

  • clear viewing panel
  • 65mm longer than any standard umbrella
  • extended handle length
  • auto-open mechanism (easy to use when in a hurry)
  • compatible with Motocaddy umbrella holder

The clear viewing panel is a unique feature of the Motocaddy Clearview umbrella that allows you to see through it easily - giving you greater vision.

We supply the Motocaddy golf umbrella in black, a colour that goes with almost any other colour, suiting the requirements of the style conscious golfer. What’s more, it’s compatible with the umbrella holder - meaning it can be stored safely when it’s not required but can easily be accessed when it is.

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Don’t let poor weather spoil your game of golf. Here at Clarkes, we provide the Motocaddy golf umbrella which can withstand all elements - keeping you dry and protected whilst you’re standing out on the golf course.

For more information about the Motocaddy umbrella, feel free to call our team of experts on 01744 885 294 today. We will gladly share our expertise - making sure you find out everything you need to know.

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