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Adidas is a brand that is well known - both on and off the golf course, and we supply a complete range of Adidas golf shoes, here at Clarkes Golf Centre.

Looking for a pair of comfortable golf shoes for your next round of golf? Why not choose a pair of our Adidas Adicross golf shoes? We supply them in many different sizes and colours to ensure you find a pair that fits perfectly and suits your style preferences.

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Our Adicross golf shoes can complement your golfing outfit. They not only look great but feel great too.

Although the Adidas Adicross golf shoes are simple, they incorporate a timeless look, meaning you needn’t worry about them going out of style - it’s no surprise they are favoured by the style-conscious golfer!


Whether you’re looking for a classic pair of golf shoes or something more flexible for the conditions, you’re sure to benefit from a pair of Adicross golf shoes from Clarkes Golf.

Adicross footwear is designed to enhance the performance of golfers, balancing flexibility, resistance and traction. They have sealed seams which prevent water from getting into your shoes, keeping your feet dry and allowing you to play in comfort.

No matter which Adicross shoes you choose, they each offer a comfortable fit, protecting your feet all day long.


The quality of the Adicross golf shoes is second to none. They are manufactured from the very best materials to make sure that your feet look and feel good whilst you play golf.

Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we keep all our prices competitive to ensure you receive the best value for your money. So if you’re looking for affordable Adidas Adicross golf shoes, be sure to check out our extensive range below.


Adicross golf shoes are available in an assortment of colours, ranging from black, white and grey - allowing you to choose a pair that matches your stylish needs. We provide them in various sizes too, offering a comfortable fit for all golfers.

The Adicross Bounce golf shoes are included within our range of golf shoes for men and these are designed for comfort and grip. The sock-like construction makes them easy to wear and more comfortable.

The smart/casual design of the Adicross Bounce golf shoes makes them a must have for all golfers. They are designed to be breathable and are weather-ready too, allowing you to play in all conditions.

Choosing a pair of Bounce golf shoes will provide you with the additional support and cushioning you need for your feet.

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Adicross Golf Shoes

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