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The right pair of golf trousers will transform your performance whilst out on the golf course, can you afford not to choose carefully?

Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we provide a complete range of golf trousers from some of the leading brands in the golfing world, including adidas. adidas Golf Apparel is specifically designed to enhance any golfer’s gameplay, regardless of how much experience that they have gained.

adidas Golf

In supplying the adidas Golf Pants, we provide clothing that incorporates the best technology to allow for the best results possible. Choosing a pair of adidas Golf Pants from Clarkes Golf will enable you to be on trend, sporting the latest styles, out on the course.


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As with any of the adidas Golf Apparel, the adidas Golf Pants are manufactured to meet high-quality standards but this is paired with competitive prices so that you can benefit from stylish clothing that’s affordable.

Looking good can often impact on your ability to perform, so be sure to invest in a pair of performance engineered adidas Golf Pants from Clarkes today!

adidas Golf Trousers

The adidas Golf Trousers are ideal if you’re looking for golfing attire that not only looks great but feels great too. Combining comfort with style, a pair of adidas Golf Trousers will allow you to play golf all year round.

Adding a pair of adidas Golf Trousers to your golfing wardrobe is recommended if you’re planning to play golf throughout the winter, they’ll keep you warm and allow you to play, even when the weather isn’t desirable.

Mens adidas Golf Trousers are available in a choice of colours to suit your stylish demands. Within our range of golf trousers below, you’ll notice that we supply trousers in grey and black, enabling you to pair them with a suitable golf polo shirt to create a complementary finish!

When choosing a pair of Mens adidas Golf Trousers, we provide a wide range of sizes to offer a comfortable fit, providing you with no restrictions when it comes to moving across the golf course. The Mens adidas Golf Trousers provide a tailored fit, so you needn’t worry about finding a pair that fits perfectly and offers a smart yet modern look.

adidas Ultimate 3 Stripes Mens Golf Pants

At Clarkes, we provide high-quality clothing to suit the requirements of all golfers, allowing you to look and feel like a professional- even if it is your first time stepping out onto the golf course!

A pair of adidas Ultimate 3 Stripes Mens Golf Pants is guaranteed to satisfy your needs when it comes to style and comfort. These golf pants are designed to offer a modern fit and incorporate clever features to improve your gameplay.

When choosing a pair of Mens adidas Golf Trousers, the Ultimate 3 Stripe Golf Pants are a fair investment to make! As a reliable pair of trousers, they are made from stretchy, lightweight fabrics that can wick moisture effectively, making them perfect for playing golf in all weathers.

Check out our range of adidas Golf Trousers here today! 

Mens adidas Golf Trousers

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