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Understandably, you want to choose only the best golf shirts when it comes to updating your golfing attire- what about the Under Armour golf shirts that we have in stock, here at Clarkes Golf Centre?

Under Armour.

The Under Armour golf tops are part of an iconic collaboration that is common amongst golfers. Under Armour is a popular brand for innovative sportswear. Any Under Armour golf shirts are created with utmost passion and innovation to provide you with luxury clothing that is guaranteed to get heads turning on the golf course.

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Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we stock the recent Under Armour golf tops that are currently on-trend, to satisfy the stylish needs of all golfers.

No matter which of the Under Armour tops that you choose from the collection below, you can rest assured that it’s been manufactured to the highest quality and with your specific needs in mind. Our Under Armour golf clothing is perfect if you’re looking to play golf in style and comfort!


The Under Armour golf polo is thought to aid the performance of golfers, allowing you to improve your game from the tee-off.

If you’re looking to boost your performance on the golfing green, you need to choose clothing that is wearable, not just stylish and comfortable. An Under Armour golf polo from Clarkes Golf Centre is a reliable option to make that will provide you with versatility, allowing you to play golf in all weathers.

The non-waterproof tops are available in the collection of Under Armour golf polo shirts below, so be sure to check them out today!


Whether you’re an experienced golfer with a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer or a beginner that’s relatively new to the sport, you could benefit from one of the Under Armour golf polo shirts that we have in stock.

The Under Armour golf polo shirts ensure that you get the most out of every game that you play, providing you with the freedom of movement when on the golf course.

Choosing an Under Armour golf polo could make all of the difference when it comes to achieving your best every time you play!


Any of the Under Armour golf shirts that we have available are designed to match the exact requirements of golfers of all abilities. Within the complete collection of Under Armour golf polo shirts, only the best materials are used to ensure that players feel comfortable.

These golf shirts are made from high-quality polyester and elastane- perfect for wicking sweat, keeping cool and moving around! What’s more, the Under Armour golf tops don’t hold any unpleasant odours, hence why they are a popular choice.

Browse our collection of Under Armour golf shirts below!

Under Armour Golf Polo Shirts

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