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Looking for a golf polo that’s made from only the best materials? Why not consider a Lyle and Scott golf polo today?

About the Brand.

Lyle and Scott is a brand that has a positive reputation for designing and producing professional golfing attire that meets and exceeds the demand of all golfers. The authenticity of the Lyle and Scott golf polo makes it so desirable for many, retaining exceptional quality standards and a rich history.

Any Lyle and Scott polo from Clarkes Golf Centre is designed to incorporate style and quality to create a professional look and feel- one that’s suitable for all weathers!

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Encompassing the golf clothing that you’re only too familiar with, the Lyle and Scott clothing is guaranteed to satisfy your specific requirements! You’ll notice that the Lyle and Scott polo incorporates the gold eagle logo, making them easily recognisable and eye-catching.

You’re likely to have seen the gold eagle logo worn by iconic golfers, proving just how popular that the Lyle and Scott brand is. Whether it be for the quality, style or value of the shirts, we’re confident that you could benefit from one of our historic polo shirts, so be sure to check them out below!

The Lyle and Scott golf shirts that are available to purchase today have been designed to realign with heritage to create clothing that’s dynamic and trendy.

As part of an ambitious collection, the Lyle and Scott golf shirts are guaranteed to suit your golfing needs, providing you with golf clothing that has been reinvented to enhance your performance on the golfing green.


When it comes to choosing a Lyle and Scott golf polo, you can rest assured that our shirts are designed to incorporate innovative technology. The versatility of the shirts makes them so popular, not forgetting the signature branding that can be seen.

The use of fresh colours makes the Lyle and Scott golf shirts stand out, offering a unique style for any golfer. What’s more: they are made from flexible materials that are guaranteed to offer maximum comfort, controlling the body temperature and enabling players to move easily.

Wicking moisture and sweat, the Lyle and Scott golf polo will combine comfort with style to essentially improve your game of golf.

As with any of the mens golf shirts that we supply at Clarkes Golf Centre, the Lyle and Scott golf shirts are priced suitably, so no matter how much or how little you’re looking to spend, you’re sure to find just what you need.

Choose a Lyle and Scott golf polo shirt today!

Lyle And Scott Golf Polo

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