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The Ping golf shorts are a must-have for any golfer’s wardrobe- have you got yours?

Ping is just one of the premium brands that we supply, here at Clarkes Golf Centre. Our Ping golf shorts are designed to suit any golfers game, essentially enhancing comfort along with performance. Any of the Ping shorts within our range of mens golf shorts below are cut to perfection to enable you to feel comfortable whilst on the golf course.

Adopting an iconic style, the Ping golf shorts are highly sought of by Tour Professionals and amateur golfers who require high performing clothing that’s reliable. The Ping shorts are guaranteed to satisfy the requirements of all individuals, taking into consideration up-to-date trends.

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Design of the Ping Shorts.

The innovatively designed Ping golf shorts are ideal for anyone who’s planning on heading out onto the golfing green in the spring or summer. With the temperature increasing, it can be almost impossible to maximise your performance whilst wearing inappropriate clothing, hence why we stock the Ping shorts.

A pair of Ping shorts will provide you with versatility, allowing you to stand out on the golf course without feeling uncomfortable or looking unprofessional. The comfortable Ping shorts mix style with market-leading technology to provide you with clothing that is reliable and practical, making no compromise to your game of golf.

Ping Rosco Shorts.

If you’re looking for Ping shorts that can help to improve every aspect of your performance, the Ping Rosco golf shorts are an ideal investment to make. We stock these in black or beige, offering suitability to style-conscious golfers.

Manufactured from 100% polyester, the Rosco shorts are perfect for drawing moisture away from the skin, allowing you to remain dry and cool whilst out on the green. As well as this, they offer resistance to creasing- meaning that you can sustain the professional appearance of your Ping golfing attire, for longer.

Features and Benefits:

One of the benefits of the Ping golf shorts is that they are designed to suit all weather conditions. They have the ability to wick moisture and their lightweight design provides you with the option to move with your swing.

Found within the range of Ping golf shorts, you’ll discover a mix of vibrant colours and cuts, therefore allowing you to look and feel good on the golf course.

Our Ping golf shorts are bound to appeal to the fashion conscious golfers- check them out here today!

Ping Golf Shorts

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