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Find the right outfit for your game of golf with Footjoy apparel from Clarkes Golf Centre today! We stock the Footjoy shorts to satisfy the stylish needs of professional golfers and amateur golfers, ensuring that you find appropriate clothing that can enhance your performance.

The high performing Footjoy golf shorts are designed to be functional, without making any compromise to style or comfort. Could you benefit from a pair of the Footjoy shorts?


A pair of Footjoy golf shorts is ideal for when the weather warms up. Rather than feeling restricted in a pair of long trousers, the Footjoy shorts enable you to keep cool and move with ease- they offer superior movement.

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If you’re looking for clothing that makes a statement, both on and off the golf course, you’ve come to the right place. The Footjoy shorts that we have in stock incorporate a modern design to create a professional look.

The impressive design of the Footjoy golf shorts makes them so desirable for many. Their light weight makes them perfect for achieving your best whilst playing a game of golf, allowing you to move with ease and swing your golf clubs with confidence.


In terms of style, the Footjoy shorts are made to be versatile. The breathable fabrics provide you with the peace of mind that your shorts will sustain their high-quality appearance, regardless of the weather conditions, allowing you to look and feel the part, every time you step foot onto the golf course.

You’ll find the Footjoy golf shorts in an assortment of colours, styles and sizes, so be sure to choose a pair that matches your unique requirements! Whether it be a pair of black, blue, grey or red shorts, you can bet that we provide something suitable for everyone.

Our Footjoy shorts are designed to be stylish but make no compromise to comfort.


When playing a game of golf, you want to feel comfortable if you’re to boost your performance. Investing in a pair of the Footjoy golf shorts will not only provide you with the most up to date trends and styles but is guaranteed to fit perfectly.

What’s more; the Footjoy shorts prevent the build-up of odours, allowing you to play with confidence but they also have the ability to inhibit moisture to ensure that you stay cool and dry.

As with any of the golf shorts that we stock at Clarkes Golf Centre, our Footjoy ones are available for low UK prices, so you needn’t worry about receiving the best value for your money.

The team at Clarkes Golf Centre are always on hand to provide you with the right clothing for your game of golf so be sure to check out our extensive range of Footjoy golf shorts today!

Footjoy Golf Shorts

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