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Proquip Golf Jackets

Proquip is leading the way in innovative golf clothing. The Scottish brand produces a wide range of outerwear that is manufactured to the highest quality; can you afford not to check out our wide-ranging collection today?

Most Proquip clothing is made to be lightweight and waterproof which makes it perfect for the winter months when temperatures start to decrease.

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Proquip Outerwear

The Proquip Outerwear is part of an exclusive collection that is renowned for its luxurious comfort and support. Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we stock the Proquip Jacket which can be worn to prevent the weather ending your game of golf sooner than necessary.

With the Proquip Gilet and the Proquip Jacket, we can help you to find exactly what you need to play in comfort.

Proquip Golf Jacket

At Clarkes Golf, we aim to accommodate all golfers needs, ensuring that you find a suitable Proquip Golf Jacket for your round of golf.

Although the Proquip Golf Jacket is a simple addition to make to your golfing wardrobe, it’s also very practical. The Proquip Golf Jacket can be worn over a golf polo shirt or sweater to add warmth during the winter or cooler periods.

We supply the Proquip Jacket in various sizes, including S, M, L, XL and XXL which makes it inevitable for you to find one that fits perfectly. Choosing a Proquip Jacket will allow you to finish your game of golf in comfort, take the Proquip Therma Pro Quilted golf jacket for instance.

Proquip Therma Pro Quilted Golf Jacket

This Proquip Jacket is available in a range of colours, allowing you to choose something that satisfies your stylish needs.

The Proquip Therma Pro Quilted Golf Jacket is designed to be lightweight and is quilted to offer optimal protection against all weather conditions. Wearing a Proquip Jacket like this one will provide you with the freedom of movement, essentially allowing you to achieve maximum swing.

When it comes to finding a comfortable jacket that not only keeps you warm and dry but one that looks equally as great, you’ll be pleased to know that the Proquip Golf Jacket provides an athletic fit which doesn’t sacrifice style.

Proquip Gilet

A Proquip Gilet is made from stretchy fabrics to provide you with additional support and comfort. Choosing a Proquip Gilet will guarantee optimum movement, moving naturally with your body. The gilet is one of the easiest items of clothing to wear. It can easily go over the top of a shirt or jumper to provide an extra layer of warmth, allowing you to play no matter what the weather is like!

We suggest investing in a gilet if you plan to play golf all year round, after all, it’s perfect for cooler days.

Don’t hesitate to browse our range of Proquip Golf Jackets here today!

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