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Lyle And Scott Golf Jumpers

Are you fully prepared to play a round of golf? From a comfortable pair of golf trousers and a stylish golf polo, you can rest assured that Clarkes Golf Centre has all that you can possibly need to look and feel like a professional whilst out on the golf course!

To ensure that you don’t face interruptions during your game of golf, we stock a complete selection of golf sweaters from some of the leading brands in the golfing world, including Lyle and Scott.

About the Brand

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Here at Clarkes, we aim to supply suitable clothing for all golfers, taking into consideration the way that you prefer to play. Our Lyle and Scott products are designed to be technical and specifically engineered to enhance performance (regardless of what standard you’re at!)

From our superb range of clothing, you can expect to find the Lyle and Scott Golf Jumpers which allow you to make an impression whilst out on the golf course. It’s thought that those who look good tend to feel just as good, encouraging them to play to the best of their ability.

Any of our clothing within the Lyle and Scott range incorporates innovative technical features that make them so unique and desirable. As well as this, they also offer authenticity and suit the demands of the style-conscious golfer.

Our Lyle and Scott Golf Jumpers

The Lyle and Scott Golf Jumpers are part of a contemporary collection that boasts style and sophistication. No matter which of our Lyle and Scott Golf Jumpers you choose to add to your golfing wardrobe, you needn’t worry about them suiting your gameplay and providing you with outstanding comfort because they are made from the highest quality fabrics.

With our help, why can’t you look like a professional out on the fairway? We aim to accommodate for all golfers, so whether you’re an amateur looking for stylish clothing or a professional in need of high-performance outerwear- look no further!

Toulmont ¼ Zip Golf Sweater

As with any Lyle and Scott Golf Sweater, the Toulmont sweater is classic. Providing ultimate comfort and enhanced waterproof properties, this Lyle and Scott Golf Sweater is guaranteed to make an impact!

When it comes to looking your best for your game of golf, you’re sure to get heads turning with the Toulmont Golf Sweater that we have in stock in various styles, sizes and colours. Our Lyle and Scott Golf Sweater incorporates the signature golden eagle logo, so when you need to keep warm, you needn’t worry about looking great.

Like many of the Lyle and Scott Golf Jumpers, the Toulmont 1/4 Zip Sweater is moisture absorbing and has the ability to release body heat which essentially enables you to maintain optimal body temperature.

Innes Padded Golf Gilet

Our Lyle and Scott Golf Gilet is perfect if you’re planning on playing a round of golf! The lightweight Innes Padded Golf Gilet allows you to play in all weathers, ensuring that your performance isn’t compromised by factors, such as the weather.

Another benefit of the padded Lyle and Scott Golf Gilet being light in weight makes it somewhat more convenient for you to take with you to events to ensure that you’re always prepared for a downpour. The Lyle and Scott Golf Gilet can easily be folded up to fit inside your golf bag, so should the weather change, you can still continue playing in comfort.

The Innes Padded Golf Gilet is carefully created to provide thermal insulation and extra warmth which makes a game of golf more enjoyable. Our Lyle and Scott Golf Gilet is designed to suit all conditions, offering water resistance and breathability, so you can rest assured that you’re also protected when the sun decides to make an appearance.

As with any other Lyle and Scott Golf Sweater, the gilets guarantee the freedom of movement.

Check out our range of Jumpers and Gilets here today!

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