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Whether you’re looking for a golf belt to improve comfort on the golf course or to enhance your appeal, Clarkes Golf Centre has just the solution! We supply golf apparel, footwear and accessories in leading brands, including Peak Performance.

Peak performance accessories are designed to provide golfers with freedom when they are out on the green. The Peak Performance belts make no compromise to style or comfort, they simply allow you to look the part for your game of golf!

Peak Performance Belt

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Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we have an extensive collection of golf belts available for you to choose from. You’ll notice that we supply the Peak Performance belt which offers a fantastic mix of performance and style, not only enabling you to look good on the golf course but to feel just as great!

Any Peak Performance belt that is found within our collection below is guaranteed to suit your budget requirements, after all, our products are priced competitively. A Peak Performance belt adds to your look- regardless of whether you’re wearing it on or off the fairway.

In terms of design, the Peak Performance belt is reliable. At Clarkes Golf Centre, we stock the Peak Performance belts in a range of styles, however, they each boast style and sophistication, making a stylish addition to any outfit. If you’re looking for a belt that complements your golfing attire, the Peak Performance belt provides the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Peak Performance Rider Golf Belt

The Peak Performance Rider belt is just one of the belts that we have available, here at Clarkes Golf Centre. This Peak Performance belt is available in a choice of colours and is guaranteed to suit your stylish needs; can you afford not to choose a Rider golf belt?

The Rider belts are designed to be classy, offering a simplistic finish to any outfit. Choosing this Peak Performance belt will provide maximum comfort, offering a regular fit that is easily adjusted with the metal buckle.

Peak Performance Striped Golf Belt

Perhaps you’re looking for something more bold and eye-catching? The Peak Performance belt is designed to satisfy the needs of all golfers, accommodating some of the most diverse style requirements!

As a sturdy belt, the Peak Performance Striped belt is ideal for golfers who are looking to improve their gameplay, without worrying about their golfing apparel fitting comfortably. The classic design of the Striped belt makes it perfect for any outfit- ultimately allowing you to make a statement from the moment you walk out onto the fairway.

Needless to say, the Peak Performance belt is designed to suit the serious golfer; combining aspects of comfort with style and performance.

Browse our latest collection of golf belts from Peak Performance today!

Peak Performance Belt

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