Club Review: Titleist T200 Golf Utility Iron

Club Review: Titleist T200 Golf Utility Iron

On the lookout for a new utility iron? The Titleist T200 Utility Iron (not to be confused with the standard T200 irons) has plenty going for it, with a power-packed design and tour-ready shape. But is it the right utility iron for you?

A slightly heftier alternative to long irons, golfers everywhere are turning to innovative utility irons to help them capture great distances while maintaining the speed and precision of a mid-iron shot.

Titleist has been producing some of the most popular golf clubs - including irons and woods - for years, so it makes sense that the Titleist T200 Utility Iron is something to be admired. It might not be suitable for beginners, but more experienced players and veterans will see a lot they can enjoy. So let’s break it down…


They may be hidden from view, but the addition of more advanced D18 tungsten inserts in the clubhead helps the Titleist T200 Utility Iron manage mass efficiency and power more effectively on the downswing, delivering maximum speed and lengthy shots. The multi-material hollow body combined with a high-resilience enhanced polymer core and improved max impact technology offers force and forgiveness where older clubs in the Titleist lineup may have failed to deliver. The fully forged face makes for a sturdy and trustworthy club you’ll feel safe getting out of your bag when you need it most.

On the back of the club head, you’ll also find a specially crafted muscle plate that seals the whole thing together, while offering a more satisfying sound and feel than you’ll find on other utility irons. And the hybrid graphite shaft guarantees added flex and power-building capabilities as you swing through the ball, for when you need some extra kick in those awkwardly long shots to the green.


Looking at the clubface front-on, you’d be forgiven for assuming this club is the same as any long iron. But it’s when we observe the club head as a whole that the T200 reveals its secrets.

Despite the fact many utility irons feel oversized and closer to a fairway wood than an iron, Titleist has taken the alternative route, producing a utility iron that’s undoubtedly larger than its traditional iron cousins but has a shorter blade length to set it apart.

It’s sleek, elegant and one of the cleanest-looking utility irons on the market - a market with a lot of less-than-attractive clubs. It looks and feels much thicker towards the toe and begins to thin out as it reaches further up the face in an almost knife-like structure. Whether this was for a specific reason related to your game, or whether it was a simply aesthetic choice, is up for debate. But either way, it looks very impressive.

And because it’s in the classic, shiny yet minimalist style we’ve come to expect from Titleist clubs, it will make an eye-catching addition to any golfer’s bag.


If you’re a fan of high-launching long irons and very forgiving strikes, you’ll fall head over heels in love with the T200. With an exceptionally responsive feel, every shot feels like it flies off the club face like a rocket, while the wider-than-average sweet spot helps you bring slightly inaccurate shots back in line, potentially saving you several strokes.

However, if you prefer a little more height in your shots, the T200 is available in multiple lofts, so you can still enjoy this glorious creation even if you’re not after the longest iron in the pack. And with a decent amount of carry and backspin, you can be sure you’ll keep your utility iron shots sitting down with precise control for maximum benefit.

An unmissable option if you want consistent distance but need an alternative to those tricky long irons.


At £249 (at the time of writing) the Titleist T200 utility isn’t the cheapest club in the world, but nor should it be. This is a serious weapon aimed at serious players - players who likely don’t mind paying for a club that will offer them the results they need to improve their game.

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