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5 Pro Tips To Improve Golf Ball Striking

Striking the golf ball consistently is the dream for any golfer.

Sadly, no player strikes the ball perfectly in every single golf shot.

But there are things we can do to give us the best chance of making solid contact on the golf course.

Here are 5 pro tips for improving ball striking.

Improving golf club descent

Many golf teachers like to focus on the backswing.

But the downswing is just as important if you’re worried about making better contact.

A thousand things happen at once to help us generate the power for a solid golf strike.

But shifting your weight is one of the most important.

Once you’ve reached the top of your backswing, your weight will have shifted to your back leg.

To hit your best shot while playing, you need to shift that weight back to your front foot. 

Your front foot should be carrying most of your weight when your golf club is around halfway through its descent.

This allows the extra power generated in your legs to flow through the club, giving you a great strike.

Your knees should already be bent at the beginning of your swing to help you carry extra power in the shot.

But they will dip slightly during your downswing to help you follow through.

The key is to keep them from moving too much. Otherwise, this will throw your club face off its alignment.

Striking the centre of the clubface

The centre of the clubface is the sweet spot for any golf shots.

But it can be very difficult to hit it if other factors in our swing aren’t as they should be.

A nifty drill to find the centre of the clubface in your iron shots is to create a ‘gate’ using two golf tees.

Pin a golf tee above and below a sitting golf ball, leaving just enough room for your club head to pass through.

The aim here is to create a straight divot in your shot. Starting on the line created by the gate.

If the divot is too far behind the gate, you’re striking too soon.

And if you hit one of the tees, your clubface isn’t landing correctly.

With time, this should help improve the contact in your shots.

Practice with another golfer

It might sound obvious, but the best way to get better at something is to keep doing it.

That’s why driving ranges are so popular.

They let golfers practice their swing away from the golf course. So their ball contact on the course is as refined as possible.

Whatever issues you’re finding in your ball striking, plenty of practice will help you iron them out.

It helps to visit the driving range with a friend, too. 

They can observe your shot and give you tips on where you can improve your striking.

Some golf courses have their own driving ranges. At Clarkes Golf, our 27-bay driving range is perfect to practice your striking. If you’re near Rainford, why not stop by and work on your swing?

Don’t stop after impact

The golf swing is a process with many parts, from beginning to end.

But a lot of players - especially beginner players - forget a lot of these parts happen after they’ve hit the ball.

If you don’t follow through with your swing fully you may have lost the chance to generate more power, without realising it.

Even if you’ve struck the ball with good intensity.

A lot of players focus on their final stance to encourage good body movement all the way through.

So the next time you square up to the ball, be sure to picture your swing in its final form and try to match that image when playing.

Finding your swing

If you watch professionals playing golf on TV, you will notice a lot of them swing the club differently than other players.

They might arch their back differently, or put more speed into their backswing.

Whatever it is, their swing is uniquely theirs. They’ve found the best swing that works for them.

Which helps them strike the golf ball consistently.

Tiger Woods is a prime example of someone with a unique golf swing they've perfected over the years.

Many amateur golfers struggle with an inconsistent swing, with too many elements changing from day to day - without them realising it.

That’s why it’s important to take note of the elements of your swing that work for you while practising.

Then you can start to build a swing you’re comfortable with. One that gives you the results you want.

Every golfer is different. What works for you might not work for someone else, and vice versa.

But if you’ve found a swing that helps you strike the ball with accuracy and power time and again, do everything you can not to lose it.


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If you feel your gear is holding you back from striking the ball perfectly, it might be time to upgrade.