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10 must-have items for the 2021 golf season

Must Have Items for your golf round
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10 must-have items for the 2021 golf season

Glad to see the back of 2020? You’re not alone. After what can only be described as a long and miserable year – due to the coronavirus pandemic – many golfers can’t wait to get back to doing what they love most.

Of course, you could dust off your clubs after stowing them in the garage for months, and dig out your trusty pair of golf shoes which, let’s face it, have seen better days. But why not treat yourself to a new set of golf clubs? Swap your dated golf bag for a more modern design? Or refresh your wardrobe with a few stylish staples? After all, you deserve it.

Here, Clarkes’ Golf Centre, share just a few essential items that you should have on your checklist (top to toe!) before heading out onto the links:

1.    Hat

Often considered an accessory, golf hats come in an assortment of styles – ranging from beanie hats to bobble hats, caps and even waterproof bucket hats. Although they can (and do!) complement your attire, they are essential in maintaining body heat and enable you to play come rain or shine.

Shop our range of men’s and women’s golf hats here.

2.    Snood

Winter golf isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, granted. You have to be willing to brave the elements and wrap up as warm as possible. But a snood is perhaps one of the most underrated items you can wear to the golf course during the colder months of the year. Typically made of soft, fleece-like fabric, snoods maximise comfort to the point where you’ll never want to be without in winter.

3.    Base layers

Not so much a ‘must-have’ during the warmer months, but an essential for particularly bitter days on the course. Base layers are easily worn beneath a polo shirt or jumper and hug the skin to retain heat all day long. Depending on which you choose, some offer a super-snug, compression fit which increases the blood flow to the muscles whilst others have a more relaxed, baggy feel. The choice is yours. We have plenty of men’s base layers online for you to choose from.

4.    Mid-layers

Whilst base layers are reserved for cooler climates, mid-layers are perfect for the coldest AND hottest of days. There are endless options available, including men’s golf jumpers which keep you warm out on the course, ladies golf tops that take the edge off the winter chill, and sleeveless vests that keep you cool in warmer weather.

5.    Waterproof jacket

The UK weather is nothing short of unpredictable. One minute the sun’s out and temperatures are soaring, the next it’s pouring down and you’re layering up in a bid to keep warm and dry. Although a waterproof jacket may seem like an excessively expensive financial outlay, it’s an investment that will come in extremely handy for rainy days on the course and will allow you to battle against the elements.

6.    Waterproof trousers

Don’t get us wrong, golf waterproofs aren’t the most flattering garments you can buy – but they are sure to keep your clothing underneath dry (and clean!). It’s true, a decent pair of waterproof trousers, matched with a waterproof jacket, will keep you dry in wet weather and stop mud from accumulating on your smart golf trousers. Plus, they’re easy to wear and you needn’t worry about having to remove your shoes to pull them on. Result.

If you can’t remember the last time you purchased ladies waterproof golf pants, check out our collection at Clarkes’ Golf.

7.    Waterproof footwear

Most golf shoes today are waterproof but that’s not to say you should opt for the first pair you find or the ones with the cheapest price tag. Golf involves a lot of walking. That’s why we suggest you go for a pair that are waterproof, reliable, sturdy and comfortable.

As a leading golf superstore, we provide an extensive range of men’s golf shoes and women’s golf shoes – in all sizes – from leading brands such as Adidas, FootJoy, Skechers and Under Armour, to name just a few.

8.    Gloves

Golfers tend not to wear two gloves because it loosens their grip which, in turn, impacts on their shot accuracy. However, winter golf is an exception as nobody wants to have ice-numbed hands, do they? There are several types of golf gloves on the market today – ranging from mittens that provide a toasty feeling for hands between shots to all-weather gloves which can be worn for shots and keep hands warm and dry throughout.

9.    Umbrella

When the heavens open, an umbrella can be a godsend. Not only will it keep you dry in-between shots, but you’ll be also able to shelter your golf bag and essential kit inside (i.e. glove, towel, spare clothing, etc) from the rain. Take a closer look at the golf umbrellas we stock at Clarkes’ Golf and stay as dry as possible!

10. Electric golf trolley

We won’t lie, electric golf trolleys are a significant financial investment – and not something everyone is willing to splurge their hard-earned cash on in the new year. However, using an electric golf trolley can take the strain off your body, allowing you to save your energy for the game itself. No more worrying about pulling your trolley behind you on hilly courses or lugging your heavy bag from one hole to the next.

You’ll find a range of models from big names, like Motocaddy and PowaKaddy, here at Clarkes’ Golf – all priced extremely competitively.

So, what are you waiting for? Stock up on the essentials for the 2021 golf season and take your game to the next level. For more tips on preparing for the new season, or to chat with one of our experts, don’t hesitate to call 01744 885 294 or come and visit us instore at our shop, just off the Rainford bypass in St Helens.

22 February 2021