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Pencil golf bags are designed to suit the needs of golfers who are looking for a lightweight bag to carry their golf clubs onto, and around the golf course.

Within our extensive range of pencil golf bags, you’ll discover bags from well-respected brands, including Ping.

Ping pencil bags

Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, our Ping pencil bags are a popular choice for golfers of all abilities. When it comes to choosing a pencil bag, there are several factors that you need to be mindful of and one of these includes the weight of the bag.

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The Ping pencil bag is carefully created to suit the requirements of individuals wanting to play a quick round of golf, either after work or on a Sunday afternoon. They can often be referred to as ‘Ping Sunday bags’ and are much thinner than a carry bag – making them lighter in weight and easier to carry.

Choosing a Ping pencil bag from Clarkes Golf will provide you with a practical solution for holding 14 clubs in a way that’s stylish yet functional. They are great for keeping your clubs off the ground and save you the hassle of lugging them around the golf course with you.

Ping Moonlite bag

An example of one of the pencil bags available to purchase at Clarkes Golf Centre includes the Ping Moonlite bag. This bag is the slimmest bag that Ping provide and it’s suitable for golfers who prefer to travel light.

When compared to conventional bags, the Ping Moonlite bag is an easier, lighter, cheaper alternative.

As an ultralightweight Ping pencil bag, the Moonlite bag weighs less than 2.5lbs and is made from top quality materials to provide your equipment with the protection they need. The Ping Moonlite bag is a reflection of ‘less is more’. It may be extremely light and slim; however, it makes no sacrifice to carrying capabilities.

Graphic lines can be found on the side of the pockets to offer a modern edge and the black and red colours give the bag ‘pizzazz’. The Ping Moonlite bag is great for when you need to be on the go – it incorporates a strap that is easy to grab whilst your clubs are standing.

Features and benefits of the Moonlite bag include:

  • Easily adjustable straps
  • Water resistance
  • 3 valuable pockets
  • 2-way division

Check out the Ping Moonlite pencil bag below and benefit from our affordable prices today.

Ping Pencil Bags

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